Acuity Games Pitches Brain Games at Shark Tank Casting Call

Acuity Games pitches innovative brain games to Shark Tank casting directors at the season 5 casting call in Philadelphia.

Brain games developer Acuity Games joined hundreds of entrepreneurs at Shark Tank’s Philadelphia casting call on May 11th, where producers guaranteed that at least 500 pitches would be heard. With the line opening at midnight, Acuity Games’ founder Dan Hansen arrived at 2:30am, placing Acuity Games at number 78 in line.

After a long wait, entrepreneurs were shuttled 20 at a time to NextFab Studio, and given 1 minute to pitch their concept to one of the casting directors. Watch the Acuity Games pitch video on YouTube:

“It was a very well run event from start to finish. Even the early morning rain was anticipated, with tenting provided for the outdoor line,” said Dan. “The camaraderie among the entrepreneurs gave the day almost a party atmosphere. No word yet on whether the Sharks are willing to take a bite on Acuity Games’ brain games,” he concluded.