A Fine Dust Measurement Reduction Technology begins with “ENVEX 2018” COEX

The Environment Department (Secretary Kim Un-kyeong) and the Environment Conservation Cooperation (Chairperson Lee Woo-shin) held the “Environmental Industrial Technology Green Energy (ENVEX) 2018” which is the largest environmental exhibition today (30th) at COEX.

ENVEX 2018 is expected to attract 240 companies from 19 countries including the US, Germany, China and Japan, and more than 40,000 including 1,000 overseas buyers. Beginning in 1979 and celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, ENVEX 2018 has the longest history of domestic environmental industrial technology exhibitions. ENVEX 2018 introduces more than 1,000 technologies and products in the fields of environmental industry technology and green energy, and introduces various fine dust measurement, management and abatement technologies.

In particular, in the system that can measure and monitor real-time air quality (monitoring) and refiner’s automatic control system by utilizing the Internet’s Internet (IoT) platform, technology that provides fine dust forecast service in cooperation with big data It is expected to be noticed. In “Exhibition of Results of Environmental Research in 2018 (R & D)” to be held on the occasion, the theme of “environmental research and one’s innovative growth of people’s sympathies” We will exhibit innovative environmental technology products and products of 21 aircraft companies following the revolution.

In conjunction with ENVEX 2018, a Forum for Exchange Expansion of Domestic Small and Medium Sized Enterprises will be held together with a trading consultation meeting to support domestic market development. Among them, ‘2018 Asia Environment Forum’ invites government and public sector procurement departments of the environment sector in Asia to hold project briefing sessions and one-on-one meetings with domestic companies.

Lee Chang-heum, director of the Ministry of Environment and Economy of the Ministry of Environment, said, “Through this exhibition, I hope to see the present and future of environmental technology and become a good opportunity for domestic environmental companies to advance overseas. I will continue to make efforts to make it happen. ”