3EVER, ‘Will make Success story of foreign currency earnings with XPOP’

“It was impossible to enter domestic market when we started business. The Entry barrier was very high because we were just small company which didn’t have any actual fruits and reference. I thought I should do something whether to give up this business or go to overseas market. We had technology and skill,  I was quite certain that we had a chance of success. So I chose focusing on making export.” said Cheol-ung Kang, CEO of 3 EVER well known for Interactive display XPOP.

(Photo: CEO, Cheol-ung Kang)

XPOP is an advertising media called as DID (Digital Interactive Display or Digital Information Display). DID, which can see at department, shopping mall, airport and others, is aggregation of medium of electronic display board type.

It has a variety sizes and types. A folding screen type DID, Table type DID which can touch by laying down, and others. “The special advantage of XPOP is the fused and complex idea which makes the advertising media close to real life.

They are trying to let them know all over the world by making contracts with collaboration companies of 15 from 15countries including England, France, Italy, China, Taiwan, Qatar and others.

They drew lots of attentions by installing dozens of XPOP of 55inch at Hongchao hub(the world’s largest traffic hub, it connect Hongchao airport, ultrahigh speed train, magnetic levitation train, bus, taxi and others) in Shanghai, China as well as Gim-po airport, Japan airport, Paris de Gaulle Airport etc.

3Ever(www.xpop.kr) ,providing products to mlddle east including Kuwait, Qatar, will provide XPOP to Israel, Lebanon from Jan, 2013. Also they have a plan to export their products to Asia including Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia as well as Chona, Japan. XPOP is now providing to domestic top 3 Major cpmpanies and institutions.


( Photo: XPOP table that can order product by touching a table)


Development of easy software for ‘Everyone

(Photo: CEO Cheol-ung Kang is demonstrating XPOP that can be used by everyone very easily)

3Ever is now developing software as well as hardware steadily. CEO Kang has lots of attentions to multi-application that can be applied to varied smart mobile devices as well as software related to DID directly. New application will be released January next year.

“Many companies have big trouble in producing contents because of cost and system” and said”So we are providing optimized software so that everyone uses XPOP very easily” CEO Kang said.

XPOP’s software is composed of ‘Windows’ graphic UI which can be used easiliy, if user can use PC or Smartphone. Image size and picture arrangement are free without Border, also image and video can be arranged at once. In addition, Audio, flash file and others cann be saved and played freely, so it has varied method of the utilization of contents.

3Ever has been developing varied software including XPOP interactive, XPOP scheduler and  XPOP ware, and all functions of these can be operated with simple touch. “Contents were for only professionals before but now, many people can access and controle to software” and said” Companies should be changed following changing market and technology” CEO Kang said.

(Photo: XPOP installed in overseas Cruise )

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