25 promising Korean companies selected in “VIP ASIA 2020-21”

Global news network AVING News held VIP ASIA AWARDS this month and selected 25 promising Korean companies that shined in Asia in 2020 and will shine Asia in 2021.

VIP ASIA AWARDS selects Asian-born people, products, places, and promotions that will lead the world’s history, culture, and economic trends. In its 15th run, this global awards takes the lead in promoting Asian values to the world.

The selected companies for “VIP ASIA 2020-21” are as follows. △IT: Rearth, FineDigital, ThePlanG, Lemon Networks, SiliconCube, Alphabit, AZothBio, AllLiveC, Hills Engineering, Spring Onward △ICT: SafeTechResearch, THES, Multics △IOT: THE.WAVE.TALK △Car: Ssangyong Motor Company, KST Electric △Robot: Helper Robotics △Textile/Fashion: Woojin Global, Barun Gonghak △ Eyewear: RAVENTEARS △Beauty: Age@Labs, I’m BOMB △ Household goods: ZARI △BIO: Biocera △Logistics service: Boxful

IT_Galaxy S21 Series Case by Rearth

(Photo description: Five types of “Galaxy S21 series” cases by Ringke, △Source-Rearth)

As a domestic company established in 2003, Rearth is exporting mobile accessories to 26 countries around the world. Rearth’s mobile accessory brand Ringke has released cases for Galaxy S21 series (S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra). Ringke Fusion, optimized for the protection and design of the Galaxy S21 series, is a steady seller model that is gaining high popularity among domestic consumers. It can be used safely with the outstanding protection that passed the mil-spec, and by being made of transparent material, it expresses the basic design of the Galaxy S21 series well.

IT_ FineDigital’s QHD dash cam Fineview LXQ1000

(Photo description: Booting completed in 1.9 seconds! QHD dash cam Fineview LXQ1000, △Source-FineDigital)

The biggest feature of FineDigital’s “Fineview LXQ1000” is that when changing from parking mode to driving mode, the booting speed becomes seven times faster than the models in the same class, and booting is completed in just 1.9 seconds. With its quick start, every moment is recorded, front and rear, in QHD super high quality to catch accidents and right after starting the car that are often missed from recording. To improve the quality of video recording at night, Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor has been used to provide bright and clear video recording even at night. Also, it provides an optimal recording environment by applying auto night vision that expresses optimal contrast and color regardless of day or night and HDR function that accurately identifies license plates by automatically merging two images with different brightness.

IT_ ThePlanG with its AI-based English education system Odinga English

ThePlanG is an edutech company that launched Odinga English, a learning app for elementary school students’ English-speaking skills in December 2019 and it recently launched the first multilingual version of the Odinga English Hindi version on the Google Store and is attracting attention. Lee Gyeong-ah, the CEO of ThePlanG, said, “With COVID-19, we have focused on developing solutions and platforms to solve educational problems in the global society, such as smartphone addiction, digital divide, and equal educational opportunities for infants and children who spend a lot of time at home due to COVID-19.” She then added, “We have developed and is now servicing a digital learning solution with a new concept for English and coding education necessary to equip 4C, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.”

IT_ Lemon Networks’ medical brokerage service platform BBCHAT APP

Lemon Networks has developed and commercialized the Vietnamese version of BBCHAT APP, a medical brokerage service platform. Lemon Networks CEO Kim Geun-young introduced BBCHAT APP as “the overseas plastic surgery brokerage services platform that can provide 1:1 consultation with medical institutions by real-time simultaneous interpretation service and the information of the medical institutions to foreign patients.” BBCHAT APP provides various information such as basic information of hospitals located in Korea, medical staff information, event information, and surgery reviews in the user’s native language. In particular, because hospital information is gathered, foreign users can easily obtain information without spending a lot of time searching, and with simultaneous interpretation chat service of BBCHAT APP, direct consultation with the hospital in the user’s language can be done, and a quick feedback can be obtained.

IT_ SiliconCube’s Smart Parking Management System

SiliconCube developed an innovative parking management system by applying AI engine reinforcement learning technology to the recognition of foreign vehicle license plates that are difficult to access with the OCR (optical character recognition) method. This system is gaining great response in the Philippines and Japan, and SiliconCube has developed its own vehicle number recognizer (LPR: License Plate Recognizer), gate blocking bar, and unmanned payment machine, which are additionally attached to the smart parking management system, and is supplying them to the market. The company is preparing to develop and supply solutions in the form of a platform so that the application cases can be expanded to parking lots and also unmanned inspectors and simple payment services through the smart parking management system.

IT_ Alphabit’s unstructured data encryption solution Alpha Smart Guard

Targeting the encryption market for data protection, Alphabit is a data security startup company established in 2014. In line with the rapidly changing IT environment, it is leading IoT security, big data security, database security, and security authentication. This company supplies Alpha SmartGuard, an unstructured data encryption solution, and Alpha TKMS, an exclusive solution for HSM key management, to public institutions and financial markets. Alpha SmartGuard is a solution that can protect customer information safely with fast performance and security from personal information leakage accidents which a series of them had recently occurred, fundamentally blocking the leakage of personal information by encrypting personal information included in unstructured data such as files or images and providing fast and safe storage environment in a smart environment.

IT_ AZothBio’s AI platform for new drug development

AZothBio has developed 10 models such as deep-learning-based drug activity prediction and virtual search/generation over three years since its establishment in 2016 by its own technology, and utilized AI platform to jointly carry out seven new drug exploration and development projects with partners. The major AI platform developed by AZothBio is AiDL®, which is an integrated platform through which AI models for new drug development can operate efficiently. Shin explained, “AiDL® is a platform that enables the development and exploration of Ai-based new drugs and activity prediction to operate in integration. This drastically reduces the delivery of new drug candidate which usually took 4-6 years by traditional method.”

IT_ AllLiveC’s enrollment and management platform for clinical trials

AllLiveC is a platform operated by AllLive Healthcare, Korea’s no. 1 clinical trial support service provider. It is providing the clinical trial online/offline integrated brokerage service that connects applicants who want to participate and the clinical trial centers. Clinical trial is the most important process in the development of new drugs, and a huge amount of time and money is spent. AllLive Healthcare has the goal to innovate these clinical trials with IT technology, and as the first step, it has made the platform that provides the service of recruiting and managing the subjects for clinical trials. By using the IT technology, the recruitment of clinical trial subjects that had been conducted manually is done by AllLiveC, the clinical online/offline clinical trial brokerage service. It is announcing the clinical trials by online media.

IT_ Hills Engineering’s autonomous logistics robot system

Hills Engineering is leading the CES-type smart logistics by developing an autonomous logistics robot system to remodel a logistics site that was organized around product flow to human-centered system. CEO Park Myeong-gyu introduced the company as “the robot innovation company that stimulates the change in 3D logistics environment.” He then explains, “We supply the logistics robot system and solution in all sectors where the movement of items takes place like distribution company, operation company, and logistics company besides the manufacturing company that want to implement smart factories.” He said, “The robots used in the logistics industry generally replace human feet. The feature that designs the automatic path that minimizes the picking after receiving the order information at the logistics site are mostly done on foot.”

IT_ Spring Onward’s mobile coffee platform ONEDO

Spring Onward, a startup that operates cafe and coffee related platforms by using IT technology and new media contents, launched its mobile coffee platform ONEDO that allows joint purchase of coffee beans at low prices. The core services of ONEDO is group buying and community, and consumers can buy high-quality coffee and specialized coffee machines at low prices at a platform called ONEDO. CEO Jeong Sae-bom said, “The more people gather in group buying, the cheaper the beans can be purchased. If the bean platform is activated, cafe small business owners will be able to improve the taste of their coffee and price competitiveness.”

ICT_SafeTechResearch’s ship operation simulator system

SafeTechResearch was established in September 2012, and it is the research company no. 33 in the Ministry of Science and ICT and the research company no. 1 in Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology. It is carrying out various R&D projects related to ship operation simulator system implementation, maritime traffic safety diagnosis service, unmanned ship remote control system, and maritime traffic safety. SafeTechResearch’s ship operation simulator system is a device configured to enable experiencing various situations during the operation of ship by virtually reproducing the ship’s operation environment. It was traditionally developed to train crew members, but now, it is being used for various purposes such as evaluating the pre-safety evaluation for newly designed ports or piers, analysis of the cause of marine accidents, new navigation equipment, and for testing various algorithm that are used in ships of new concept like unmanned ships and autonomous ships.

ICT_ THES’s thermal imaging camera View Eye 10.1

The staff from THES said, “View Eye provides an engine for Alchera mobile, which is the basis of domestic SNOW facial recognition, access history, face registration, door control, and flexible UI/UX. Also, it has its own storage device, transmission of server data through WiFi, rechargeable battery pack for easier mobility in places where there is no electricity and emergency power is needed, and shotgun-type infrared sensor on the side of the instrument to measure the temperature on the wrist or arm to prepare against fluctuations due to the change in the seasonal temperature according to the usage environment.” He then said, “We will continue developing the product family that is used as an auxiliary device for temperature measurement for door control by applying facial recognition and thermal image processing.”

ICT_ Multics’s customized AI civil petition information system Nuri-View

Multics is a company that develops AI platform and contents that can apply ICT technology to real life. Nuri-View, the flagship product, is an AI civil petition information system that provides services tailored to the characteristics of those who are visually or auditorily impaired and on wheelchair. The company staff said, “Nuri-View is a thin smart mirror that is the collection of AI technologies, which are the core technologies these days, such as smart mirror function, three cameras sign language motion recognition, voice recognition, and face tracking thermal imaging camera. Visually impaired people can ask questions by voice and receive answers by voice to receive civil petition information, and for hearing impaired people, the camera can recognize sign language movements and receive answers in sign language 3D images. For people in wheelchairs, the height is recognized and the screen interface is automatically changed to fit the height so that the service can be received.”

IoT_THE.WAVE.TALK’s IoT water sensor Water Talk

Founded by technology investment from KAIST in July 2016, THE.WAVE.TALK is a hardware startup that develops IoT water sensors and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) bacteria sensors. The company has developed a sensor that detects, quantifies, and classifies bacteria and other fine-sized particles in collaboration with KAIST. With the patented hardware CSMS (Chaotic Scattering Material and Structure) and data analysis software, it has developed the IoT water sensor Water Talk. It has the same performance as the existing turbidimeter, and its special advantage is that it is about 1/100th of its price. It can be installed in the water purifier, so the consumers can feel safe, and the water purifier company can gain higher trust and collect and manage customers’ big water quality data.

Car_Ssangyong’s all-new Rexton

The charm of Ssangyong Motor Company’s all-new Rexton begins with a favorable acclaim for the design that was released with a pre-contract. The design shows a completely new aspect by adding the dignified presence and urban sophistication of an authentic SUV. Each element, including the radiator grille and dual projection-type Full LED headlamps, forms a layered structure to create a three-dimensional effect. The all-new Rexton’s new powertrain achieves in both performance and fuel economy improvement. The engine boasts a maximum output of 202 horsepower and a maximum torque of 45.0 kg∙m, each with an increase of 15 horsepower and 2.0 kg∙m in torque from the previous models. With a maximum torque range of 1,600 to 2,600 rpm, it utilizes a sufficient amount of torque in the everyday areas encountered the most. Fuel economy improved by about 10% to 11.6km/ℓ based on combined fuel economy.

Car_KST Electric’s micro electric car MaiV

MaiV refers to an eco-friendly electric vehicle that saves KST’s first planet with My EV and Most Activity Intelligence Vehicle. MaiV produced in Korea is produced in Korean style considering the localization of batteries and electronic parts, which are the core elements of electric vehicles, and overseas exports. In particular, the battery uses 21700, Samsung SDI’s next-generation cylindrical battery cell known to have a relatively larger capacity than the existing 18650 and superior in charge and discharge performance. Android-based 9-inch touch screen next-generation infotainment system and various connected technologies are all applied to maximize user convenience along with cute appearance design. Smartphone users can use the latest Android Auto and Apple’s wireless CarPlay free of charge for life.

Robot_Helper Robotics’ non-face-to-face shop-customized serving robot system Hello

Helper Robotics’ non-face-to-face shop customized serving robot Hello is a system with proven operational efficiency that won the grand prize at the Venture Startup Competition hosted by Hanyang University and COMMAX last year. Choi Jae-won, CEO of Helper Robotics, said, “With the existing serving robot, food is exposed externally during serving, and if you are careless, the robot and the customer may collide. Our products are highly stable because the serving robot moves through the designated rails and covers, so there is no exposure.” He added, “It is three times faster than the existing robot, and because it moves through the rail, there is no stop while moving, and this increases the rotation rate. Also, the company’s serving rail combines serving and return to provide more convenient services to consumers. It can be used as a non-face-to-face partition and presents a new untact shop.”

Textile/Fashion_Woojin Global’s nylon sublimation transfer printing

Hyeong Seok-hoon, CEO of Woojin Global, said, “Our nylon sublimation transfer printing is a product that has gone through more than 150 testings for three years before coming out on the market. In the first place, the test was conducted with the tricot product, which is the most difficult to print. The dark color is grade 3.5, the neutral and light colors are rendered as grade 4 or higher, and the quality has been highly rated by an accredited agency.” He said, “I am confident in any product, including products that combine the texture of nylon and stability of polyester.” Also, “We are currently consulting on exports and contracts with domestic companies, and we are planning to actively promote our products to the global market through buyers. Also, we are planning to introduce DP (digital print) sublimation transfer soon, so please take interest in us.”

Textile/Fashion_Barun Gonghak’s sportswear with a new concept

The company staff said, “A new concept sportswear that adds health by just wearing it has been released. It has the same features of other sportswear like air cooling, elasticity, moisture absorption, quick drying, and opaqueness, and adds health and exercise benefits from each movement.” He then said, “We succeeded in applying for domestic and overseas patents for technologies and products that can help to create more muscle, burn fat faster, and increase blood circulation and skin elasticity. It will create a new breeze in the sportswear industry. He also said, “The company is getting ready to release new service like app and home training along with new sportswear line.”

Eyewear_RAVENTEARS’ two-bridge polygonal glasses RAVENTEARS Deux

RAVENTEARS is a brand that is distributing its products to optical shops nationwide and online/offline select shops. It is breaking its own record in brand growth every year. Particularly, RAVENTEARS’ two-bridge polygonal glasses have become popular for recently being worn by Yoo Jae-seok and Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) from “Hangout with Yoo/” The company staff said, “We selected Lil Boi, the winner of Show Me the Money 9 as a new model in 2021. Lil Boi received attention for his sincerity and musicality through Show Me the Money 9 and emerged as a new icon. I think this fits the company’s efforts to communicate with contemporary cultures across generations. We look forward to having a great synergy for each other with this photo book.”

Beauty_ Age@Labs’ inner beauty product made with snail mucin

Mucin Glow, a popular product from Age@Labs, the bio company that specializes in Mucin, aims to differentiate itself from the existing inner beauty products by processing snail mucus ingredients effective for anti-aging. Lee Jeong-seok, CEO of Age@Labs, said, “In the past, the concept of ingesting collagen to help skin health was widely known, but the company is continuing skin health research using a special ingredient called snail mucin. One more advantage of the company is that my parents run an eco-friendly grazing farm to raise snails that are stress-free.” He then said, “Through several studies, we have found that mucin is effective not only for skin improvement, but also for gut and female health. We will continue research to develop ingredients individually approved by the MFDS related to skin, intestine, and women’s health. This year, we are going to conduct clinical trials in full force.”

Beauty_I’m BOMB’s eco-friendly bathing bomb

The staff from I’m BOMB said, “For I’m BOMB bathing bomb, we put safe ingredients as the top priority and made the bath bombs with 89% food-level ingredients, so there is no worry of harm to the body. I’m BOMB’s sparkling & bubble type is a product that combines bath bomb and bubble bar, so they do not have to be purchased separately. It is gaining positive responses from many people.” She then said, “Based on the know-how in the export market accumulated over the years, we will develop customized products that meet the demands of the overseas market. We will become Korea’s best bath bomb product and prove the excellence of Korean products, thus entering the global market, particularly in US and France.”

Household goods_Hanji product brand ZARI’s various Korean paper household goods

ZARI is a Korean paper product brand. With packaging, stationary, and living design products using traditional Korean paper, it supports the life of Korean paper products and vitalization of small-scale Korean paper manufacturers. △ Eco-friendly packaging, stationery products, tourism cultural products, and other art products △ Eco-friendly wallpaper, sheet paper, etc. △ Interior products △ Tableware, lighting, etc. △ Living accessories. The company staff said, “We design, manufacture, and sell household products by incorporating traditional Korean designs that are not well known to people around the world, and living household items such as table mats and waterproof tablecloths are our flagship products.” He then said, “We are planning to make products that people not only in Korea but also around the world can use beautifully, safely and practically in their lives. We will focus on the use of natural materials and actively introduce the use of functional fabrics to enhance usability and functionality. Also, we are trying to secure a variety of materials for a smooth supply and supply of products at a suitable price.”

BIO_ Biocera’s ceramic ball carrier

Founded in 1994, Biocera is a specialized company that researches eco-friendly bioceramic materials in the fields of water, air and antibacterial, and manufactures bioceramic ball carrier, alkaline, hydrogen, and mineral generating water filters based on this. Song Gi-bok, the vice president of Biocera, said, “The company’s vision is to make everyone’s days healthy and happy with water that people use to drink and wash themselves and clothes. To realize the vision, it is developing the products that enhance the health and environment, and it supplies this to the market.” Song added, “In particular, our bead-shaped ceramic ball carrier has antibacterial functions depending on the material. It has various functions such as the beneficial antibacterial ceramic ball, mineral ceramic ball that releases magnesium and calcium, and antioxidation ceramic ball that has antioxidant function.”

Logistics service_Boxful’s self-storage service

Seong Jeong-hak, the CEO of Boxful, said, “We are running 18 unmanned, non-face-to-face warehouses in Asia such as Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and recently opened a direct franchise Bongcheon Station. Boxful’s franchise business has low-cost interior and runs in 100% unmanned non-face-to-face system, so we are getting many inquiries these days.” He then said, “In the future, we are going to open 30 shared warehouse stores in Korea including ones in Gongdeok and Mokdong to solve the vacancy problems in the city and help the self-employed who are going through difficulties these days.” In particular, in the first quarter of this year, we are planning to open the first shared warehouse store in Daegu in partnership with a major domestic company, so please take interest in us.”

AVING NEWS, the host of VIP ASIA Season 2020-21 has reported for over 100 Korean and overseas exhibitions every year, including global exhibitions like CES, IFA, MWC. It has made the effort to promote Korean SMEs to global market, and has posted over 20,000 video clips on YouTube.

VIP ASIA AWARDS selects Asian-born people, products, places, and promotions that will lead the world’s history, culture, and economic trends. In its 15th run, this global awards takes the lead in promoting Asian values to the world.

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