[2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030] ZEPETONS provides services to create virtual buildings in Metaverse

ZEPETONS Mark Rothko Chapel Map | Photo – ZEPETONS

ZEPETONS (CEO Jeon Soo-ji), a differentiated metaverse company, participated in Seoripul Z Live held in Zepeto on November 17. Seoripul Z Live, organized by Seocho-gu, Seoul, is a live metaverse performance that can establish global networking by linking creators and young artists recognized for their growth potential on the domestic metaverse platform Zepeto.

ZEPETONS, which has been on a steep rise three months after the launch of the service, is currently providing Naver Z’s metaverse platform “Zepeto” with a service that produces virtual buildings that meet the needs of customers. The Joeun Book Village, built by ZEPETONS within the metaverse, actually embodies a bookstore located in Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu and a Mark Rothko Chapel Map containing the Rothko Chapel, where painter Mark Rothko’s work is showcased. In addition, the ZEPETONS Track and Field Map, produced by ZEPETONS, was selected as a popular map exposed to the main page of Zepeto, and more than 35,000 people visited.

ZEPETONS Track and Field Map, which was selected as ‘Popular’ | Photo – ZEPETONS

ZEPETONS is currently receiving inquiries from advertisers to post advertisements on the billboard within the popular maps, and is speeding up its expansion into Chinese, Japanese and various languages soon following the English version of the virtual tourism tour content. In addition, in order to expand the metaverse education industry, it is preparing to establish itself in the metaverse industry by uploading Zepeto Build It lecture videos on its official YouTube channel.

Soo-ji Jeon, CEO of ZEPETONS, said, “We are preparing competitive services by using the endless scalability of the metaverse platform in a wide range of fields such as virtual tourism tours and live performances.”

In addition to Zepeto, we plan to expand to various metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxel, and Roblox in the first half of 2022 and become a global metaverse company specialized in metaverse platforms by providing various contents using virtual space, she said.

In the metaverse service market, which is attracting worldwide attention, startup ZEPETONS is making changes with differentiated services and competitive technologies.

‘Joeun Book Village’ Map that depicts a real bookstore built in the Metaverse | Photo – ZEPETONS

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Content Agency, which operates Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, is supporting the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 program to help young prospective entrepreneurs successfully start their own businesses. “Youth Startup SMART 2030” is a growth support program for prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the content convergence field and has been continuing the project for eight years. The support sector is a wide range of content convergence fields such as publishing, film, music, content solution, design, ICT convergence, and manufacturing convergence, and interest in the project is growing year by year as the importance of the content sector becomes increasing worldwide.