[2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030] Victorim Strives for Shared Growth of Content Providers and Consumers Through Content Curation Services

Photo – Victorim

Victorim (CEO Bo-jeong Lim) was established for a content curation service development project. In addition, it provides entry agency and consulting services to operators who have acquired information on the B2G market and failed to enter.

The interview was conducted over video call with Bo-jeong Lim, CEO of Victorim which was selected for 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030.

Q1. Tell us about your company.

A. CEO Bo-jung Lim (hereinafter referred to as CEO Lim): Even before the establishment of the company, CEO Lim has provided information on entering the B2G market for startups, venture companies, and social enterprises through Victorim’s channel on YouTube. Since then, similar content channels have been created due to the influence of content, and Victorim has valued win-win growth, dreaming of shared growth with content providers or consumers (target operators) so that companies can consume these contents correctly. In addition, it pursues an experience-based step-by-step approach to existing chronic problems and innovation to derive solutions from a new perspective.

Q2. Please tell us about your service

A. CEO Lim: The B2G market entry information curation service using AI technology is a service that provides optimized content to users for early startups, venture companies, and social enterprises that have not secured a market. The reason for developing these services is to automatically discriminate and classify vast and fragmented information-type content that is difficult for people to distinguish one by one through AI technology, filtering black data, providing customized content optimized for consumers, and helping them enter the market.

Q3. What is the unique feature of Victorim?

A. CEO Lim: In order to search for information on entry into the existing B2G market, users had to check related keywords in advance to access them, but in the case of their services, they can categorize them and receive content that suits them with a click.

It is a service that recommends the most suitable public procurement system (Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, School Market, etc.) through a preliminary survey diagnosis, and recommends content according to survey information. As a result, information can be acquired by easily receiving content even if the keyword is not recognized, and administrative agency or consulting services can be provided if information is acquired through the provided content and then failed in its own entry attempt.

Q4. What are the potentials for future growth in the market?

A. CEO Lim: The performance of public procurement contracts for SMEs is about 270,58.8 billion won based on statistics from the Public Procurement Service in 2020, growing about 7.5% annually. In addition, the number of companies entering the public market is 455,614 companies, with an annual average increase of about 7.6%.

As of July 2021, the monthly online keyword search volume was 2,026,290 cases (total PC and mobile). With the emergence of various new industries such as 4th industries, metaverses, and NFTs, the B2G market is expected to grow as new operators emerge and products or solutions enter related markets.

Q5. Tell us about your future plans

A. CEO Lim: We have a plan to develop MVP products through core patent registration and support projects in 2022. The developed MVP product will be supplemented according to feedback through beta testing through the startup community and then officially launched in late 2022 or early 2023. In 2023, high-quality services will be provided through R&D on AI technology to upgrade services. Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Content Agency, which runs Pangyo Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub, is supporting the ‘2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030’ program to help young prospective entrepreneurs successfully start a business. For 8 years, ‘Youth Startup SMART 2030’ has been supporting the growth of prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the field of content convergence. The field of support is a wide range of content convergence fields such as publishing, film, music, content solution, design, ICT convergence, and manufacturing convergence. With the growing importance of the contents field worldwide, interest toward these businesses is also growing every year.