[2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030] Serenus, AI-based Custom Home Furnishing Design Platform Studio develops “Eeyoo”

Photo – Serenus

Serenus (CEO Ji-yoon Song) announced that it has developed ‘Eeyoo’, an AI-based custom home furnishing design production platform studio service.

Eeyoo analyzes the current status of design trends and design preferences through customer design data to support custom design production and design strategy related to home furnishing products. Based on domestic and foreign design data held by Serenus, AI custom design analysis is conducted by subdividing it into ▲ customer ▲ channel elements.

AI custom design analysis consists of the current status of home furnishing product design, global trends, and design preferences. Based on the image uploaded by the customer, it is subdivided into original design modification patterns, global trend design status, and customer preference (by age & gender), enabling more diverse and creative design selection.

Furthermore, Eeyoo not only provides a community service that allows customers to buy and sell home furnishing custom designs and home decoration products, but also offers self-produced line art products of various colors and unique prints. Its own product line is scheduled to enter premium online editing shops.

Ji-yoon Song, CEO of Serenus, said, “Eeyoo’s AI custom home furnishing design service enables custom design and sales of design products as well as personal and brand design consulting through trend analysis.”

In addition, she said, “I hope that through these services, you will be able to explore your personal tastes, fill the space with your own colors and designs, and enrich your life a little more.”

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Content Agency, which operates Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, is supporting the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 program to help young prospective entrepreneurs successfully start their own businesses. “Youth Startup SMART 2030” is a growth support program for prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the content convergence field and has been continuing the project for eight years. The support sector is a wide range of content convergence fields such as publishing, film, music, content solution, design, ICT convergence, and manufacturing convergence, and interest in the project is growing year by year as the importance of the content sector becomes increasing worldwide.