[2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030] JetCity target MZ generation with real time onsite social app “PREZEM”!

Image by JetCity

JetCity (CEO Se-yeon Kim) is a startup consisting of all MZ generations and is developing app services for MZ generations. Interviews were conducted in a non face to face manner with officials from JetCity, a company selected for 2021 SMART 2030.

Q1. Please introduce current developing service.

A. It is currently developing a real-time on-site social app called PREZEM and planned to be launch in December 2021. PREZEM provides three main functions: ▲ Location based question card/response ▲ town unit real time feed ▲ Express My Profile function with keywords. PREZEM is currently available only in Seoul and Gyeonggi, and will gradually increase the service area.

Q2. How does it started?

A. Despite the arrival of a hyper connected society that communicates with the Internet and mobile devices without time and space constraints. There is still no shared service for an hour or a minute ago. You must have been frustrated because you couldn’t check how long the waiting line for the restaurant you want to go to now, whether the wallet you just left at the bus stop was still there, or if it stopped raining at the place you’re going to.

As such, the demand to provide and receive real time information that must be “now” is increasing. However, existing portal sites, messengers, and SNS already provide only information from the past and there is a disadvantage that the realism of that moment is poor. PREZEM is a newly emerged social app to meet these needs and has been developed to specialize in the MZ generation and share real time sites quickly and joyfully.

Q3. Who is target market of PREZEM?

A. Main target group of PREZEM is the MZ generation users who are curious about real-time field information, who want to reveal their moments, and who want to obtain reliable location information. Generation MZ is characterized by trusting real time information obtained through real time CCTV videos or SNS more than portal site searches. They also very passionate about personal branding themselves with unique feeds. PREZEM is a location based social platform that connects MZ and revealing MZ users.

Q4. What are the special features of PREZEM that differentiate with others?

A. PREZEM can ask and answer real-time (‘tiqui-taca’) between users through question cards and responses. It can be used when user is curious about real time information on the site such as “Is there a lot of people in the amusement park now” and “Is there any stock left in the popular donut store?” The response is characterized by the fact that no information other than the latest information is mixed because only the user in the place can provide photos taken with a forcibly driven camera and shows the time the photos were taken.

In addition, PREZEM collects curious places in the same town and provides real time feed. Real time feed refers to feeds arranged in the order of actual photographing, not in the order of upload. The Real time feed is designed to get the most updated information on the town that curious about now. The fact that it is a location based service is also revealed in My Profile. User can set own profile, such as “Pangyo-dong UX Designer” and “Sinsa-dong gourmet,” by setting keywords that represent user well and the region user mainly work in. Like the search feed, profile feeds are arranged in order of actual shooting time rather than in order of upload, and uploaded photos are arranged in chronological order on their own, so they can be used as own life history album.

Q5. What is the potential for future growth in this business sector?

A. The global social network market is expected to grow to $23.6 billion (about 25 trillion Won) this year. Meanwhile, the domestic SNS utilization rate is 87%, which is about 1.8 times the world average (49%). (Source: KT Economic Management Research Institute, Digital Lab DMC Media ‘Social Media Status and Prospects’, and E-marketer) The social network market continues to grow especially the domestic market is showing high utilization.

Q6. Tell us about your achievements so far

A. JetCity Co., Ltd. won the Seongnam Women’s Start-up Idea Competition in October 2021 and the Excellence Award in the early startup category of the Gyeonggi Start-up Competition by service idea as “PREZEM”

In September 2021, it officially collaborated with the Nine Tree Premier Hotel Seoul Pangyo branch which opened in July this year. Through collaboration, JetCity has carried out a project to expand marketing promotion channels to attract potential customers for the hotel’s MZ generation. As a specific way, the hotel’s photo zone was appealed to the MZ generation by uploading event card news directly planned, filmed, and edited on its Instagram channel “PREZEM Place,” and the content successfully expanded the hotel’s promotional channel with more than 800 people participating in the event.

Continuing a reliable agreement with Nine Tree Hotel, it conducted one more collaboration through a Halloween event in October this year. The non-open terrace space on the 5th floor of the Nine Tree Hotel was planned as a Halloween photo zone for MZ generation where guests and the general public can enjoy together, and proposed a space experience called Halloween Secret Place where guests can experience media exhibitions.

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Content Agency, which runs Pangyo Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub, is supporting the ‘2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030’ program to help young prospective entrepreneurs successfully start a business. For 8 years, ‘Youth Startup SMART 2030’ has been supporting the growth of prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the field of content convergence. The field of support is a wide range of content convergence fields such as publishing, film, music, content solution, design, ICT convergence, and manufacturing convergence. With the growing importance of the contents field worldwide, interest toward these businesses is also growing every year.

JetCity is receiving support as a company operating in Pangyo Startup Zone operated by the Korea Startup Agency and the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation.