[2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030] Japanese job consulting company JJO&MI CONSULTING will expand the Japanese employment business with government’s support

From the left) CEO Eun-ah Jo, Director Mi-sun Lee | Photo – JJO&MI CONSULTING

JJO&MI CONSULTING, CEO Eun-ah Jo, a Japanese employment consulting firm, was selected as the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030, a government support project conducted in August.

Interest and preference for overseas employment are increasing day by day due to the continuous domestic employment difficulties caused by the COVID-19 situation. Japan has the highest preference for overseas employment, and Japan has a high employment success rate. This is because Japan has entered an aging society before Korea and is actively introducing manpower from abroad. Accordingly, the Japanese job support market and demand are increasing, but there is a shortage of companies specializing in finding jobs in Japan that provide realistic consulting. Therefore, Japanese job applicants are preparing for employment at a long time of at least four months and at a high cost or are preparing hard by self-study.

JJO&MI CONSULTING has decided on a Japanese employment coaching and consulting project to provide realistic help to Japanese job applicants and is striving to develop its business in earnest with the selection of the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030. It holds a special lecture on employment in connection with the university employment center to pass on its know-how in preparing for employment in Japan and conducts practical terms and business Japanese lectures with the K-MOVE Japanese employment government selection agency. It also produces and provides contents such as e-books, videos, and blog posts to make it easier to access Japanese employment information.

In particular, both CEO Eun-ah Jo, and Planning Director Mi-sun Lee are seniors who experienced employment in Japan more than 20 years ago when they were unfamiliar with employment in Japan and have tips and know-how in preparing for employment in Japan. In fact, Japanese job seekers who received job consulting praised, “It was helpful by accurately pointing out what points to reinforce with realistic advice and what strengths they had.”

Eun-ah Jo, CEO of JJO&MI CONSULTING said, “The CEO is from a Japanese hotel and Japanese travel agency, and Mi-sun Lee, the Planning Director, is from a Japanese consulting firm and Japanese trading company and is skilled in industry and practical work in Japan.” “We are skilled in the industry situation and practical work in the field that is currently attracting the most attention in Japanese employment, so we can provide customized information to job seekers more than anyone else.” “In the future, we strive to be an unrivaled Japanese employment consulting company in Korea by delivering a wide range of easy and realistic Japanese employment information through active cooperation with youth employment institutions,” she said.

As employment in Japan is increasing, it is noteworthy that the differentiated service and competitive business development of JJO&MI CONSULTING, which enables content production, lectures, and consulting, will cause a stir in the Japanese job support market.

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Content Agency, which operates Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, is supporting the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 program to help young prospective entrepreneurs successfully start their own businesses. “Youth Startup SMART 2030” is a growth support program for prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the content convergence field and has been continuing the project for eight years. The support sector is a wide range of content convergence fields such as publishing, film, music, content solution, design, ICT convergence, and manufacturing convergence, and interest in the project is growing year by year as the importance of the content sector becomes increasing worldwide.