[2021 Green Energy Expo Interview] Top Solar constructs solar power plant with 1MW-class all-in-one system

Top Solar booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Top Solar participated in the International Green Energy Expo 2021 held at EXCO, Daegu from April 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri) and introduced the solar power plant construction and 1MW-class all-in-one system.

Since its establishment in 2002, Top Solar, a company that creates light and energy, has been showing remarkable achievements in the field of new and renewable energy such as solar power generation business and solar power-linked ESS power generation business as a solar power EPC company.

Top Solar developed an analysis model of the power generation forecasting system scheduled to be introduced in the second half of this year based on big data through the operation of 1,400 solar power plants through the overall reorganization of the O&M business field this year. Through this, Top Solar will predict bad weather and open up new paths for all regions in Korea.

At the Green Energy Expo exhibition hall, AVING News met Planning Purchase Office Manager Lee Yun-sang to interview on the development of solar power generation business.

Q1. Company Overview

A. Lee: Top Solar is a company that provides total solutions related to solar power, providing everything from A to Z related to solar power, from business development to construction, licensing, self-manufacturing, PF financing, and O&M.

Up to now, Top Solar’s solar power plant construction capacity had been 800MW with direct management and process from 2002 to 2020. In addition, the ESS system achieved 1.1GWh performance cumulatively. Based on this much construction ability, experience, and know-how, it is in a leading position in the domestic market.

Top Solar booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Q2. Flagship products at the exhibition

A. Lee: At this 2021 International Green Energy Expo exhibition, we have showcased the Solar Force lineup, which boasts superior technology.

In the past, switchgear and inverter had been delivered separately. But, Top Solar provides an all-in-one type solution in which the inverter and switchboard are integrated into one. Thanks to this, we were able to reduce the air. Also, we have showcased the product with a double-sided reflector optimized for a double-sided module.

Q3. Specialized advantages of Solar Force

A. Lee: Solar Force is a solar reflector jointly developed by POSCO C&C-KCC and Top Solar on April 21.

We increased the reflectance by maximizing the light reflection. Also, it boasts unbeatable durability by applying POSCO’s PosMAC, which does not generate rust at all. Thanks to this, we were able to maximize power generation.

Q4. Recently, fire from ESS is becoming a big issue. How does Top Solar ensure safety?

A. Lee: So far, Top Solar has accumulated much experience while constructing 150 ESS systems rating 1.1GWh. Only the companies with a high understanding in batteries should carry out construction by following the systematic construction procedures, but due to time constraints and pressure for completion, many constructions are under qualification, and this often leads to fire.

Top Solar strictly complies with the standards and construction procedures of electrical safety construction. The ESS battery enclosure is designed specifically for temperature, humidity, and dust resistance, and the cause of fire is minimized by separating and isolating all facilities other than the battery.

Also, we have installed a fire extinguishing facility in the battery compartment, and we designed it to prevent the spread of fire as much as possible by installing the battery compartment temperature detector and smoke detector. Glass wool panels, which are non-combustible materials, were used for the battery compartment insulation, and the air conditioning system is a 2N1 system that was designed to protect the temperature of the battery compartment even if one air conditioning system is turned off.

Top Solar booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Q5. The level of Korea’s solar system, and what are the advantages of solar power over other power generators

A. Lee: Korea started solar power in 2007, but at that time, there was almost no solar power products. Most of the products sold were from foreign companies, and most of the Korean companies that were making solar power products were small.

However, tremendous results came out within a short period of time, and now, there are a lot of global companies that are leading the global market. Top Solar also recorded great growth in the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) field. In 2020, it entered Cambodia and built a solar power plant, and installed solar power in Vietnam and the Philippines.

The company’s solar power construction capabilities and price competitiveness laid the foundation for growth in both Korean market and also the overseas market.

Q6. When comparing wind power and solar power, what is good about solar power?

A. Lee: The biggest advantage of solar power is that it can be installed regardless of location and time. However, wind power plants have regional restrictions, and there are civil complaints due to the sound of blades cutting through the wind.

Considering this point, we can say that solar power is suitable for Korea.

Q7. Future plans

A. Lee: Top Solar is planning to develop a large-scale solar system. In 2020 alone, about 300MW solar power plant was constructed. This year, we are targeting about 500MW. Also, we will do our best to ensure that small businesses do not suffer damage related to the installation of solar power plants.

The 18th International Green Energy Expo is Korea’s largest, one of Asia’s top 3 and the world’s top 10 new and renewable energy exhibitions, and the only exhibition jointly organized by the four major associations. The exhibition will cover △Solar power △ESS (energy storage system) & battery △Smart grid technology △Wind power and △New and renewable energy. This exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, and KHIA.

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