[2021 Green Energy Expo Interview] Solis says the future of solar power industry in Korean is bright

Solis participated in the International Green Energy Expo 2021 held at EXCO, Daegu from April 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri) and introduced the inverter product that the fuse holder can be checked by naked eye.

Solis booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Solis is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar power multi-string inverters, and it has created a unique global solar business solution by combining its global supply chain with world-class R&D and manufacturing technologies. In 2005, it established its headquarters in Ningbo, China and went on public listing, and it has a manufacturing plant capable of producing 20GW per year, and entered a Korean branch in December 2020.

The company staff from Solis said, “Our inverter is a 110kW model with 10 MPPTs and 20 channels. Because there is a display, there is no problem with the inspection before use.” He then added, “Unlike other companies’ products, SPD is mounted on both DC and AC, and the fuse holder is designed to be visible with the naked eye, so it is convenient to get repair.” Also, KS certification is currently in progress, and the company is aiming to sell after completing the certification in July.

Solis’s exhibited products | Photo by AVING News

When asked about the reason why Chinese-headquartered companies are entering Korea one after another, he said, “The Korean market is by no means a small market with 4% of the world’s solar power, and the rate of installation is going up every year, so the future is looking bright.” Next, regarding the future plans, he said, “We aim to obtain KS certification in the 3rd and 4th quarters, and we plan to proceed with sales after that. We are going to focus on promotion to expand our stance.”

The 18th International Green Energy Expo is Korea’s largest, one of Asia’s top 3 and the world’s top 10 new and renewable energy exhibitions, and the only exhibition jointly organized by the four major associations. The exhibition covers △Solar power △ESS (energy storage system) & battery △Smart grid technology △Wind power and △New and renewable energy. This exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, and KHIA.

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Solis’s exhibited products | Photo by AVING News
Solis’s exhibited products | Photo by AVING News

2021 Green Energy Expo Site Sketch | Photo by AVING News