[2021 Green Energy Expo Interview] KSTAR develops corrosion-proof solar inverter for salted areas

KSTAR booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

KSTAR (CEO LIU CHENG YU) participated in the International Green Energy Expo 2021 held at EXCO, Daegu from April 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri) and introduced solar inverter targeted for the Korean market.

KSTAR has inverters of various capacities from 2kW to 6.8MW for container solution products, and is supplying 10kW, 20kW, 33kW, 110kW, 50kW, 500KW, and 1MW product lines in the domestic market. The company is selected as an outstanding company that provides total solutions for car charger spots and solar inverters.

AVING News met KSTAR Manager Choi Dong-gyu at Green Energy Expo exhibition hall to interview on the solar inverter.

Q1. Company introduction

A. Choi: Founded in 1993, KSTAR is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing UPS, ESS solar inverters, and electric vehicle chargers. With the effort for a green future, we are receiving attention from the solar power market, anticipating to see results.

Q2. About our product

A. Choi: The products presented at this expo are two models in 110kW-class. KSG-110CL-KR is the product with multi strings, and has 10 MPTTs and 20 channels. It is an all-in-one product, and is expected to be sold well in the Korean market. KSG-110SL is a single MPTT product that requires an additional external connection box to be installed. Since it is a single MPTT, installation becomes easy like a central inverter if a junction box is provided.

Q3. Warranty period

Parts such as internal fans like condensers are consumable and must be replaced after using it for about five years. So, our company has a five-year warranty, and if necessary, the warranty period can be extended.

KSG-110CL-KR | Photo by AVING News

Q4. What are the features of the product?

A. Choi: It satisfies the standards required in Korea and for facilities, and policies, and 110kW products can be installed in roof-type solar power or agricultural land-type salt areas. It has secured high reliability with a C5 anti-corrosion grade to minimize product corrosion. Also, to meet the changing low-pressure standards, a 1500 volt system, 250 kW, was also developed.

Q5. Future plans

A. Choi: Since we are actively developing and manufacturing solar inverters and also hybrid inverters for home use and electric vehicle chargers, we will continue to introduce new products to Korea in the future.

The 18th International Green Energy Expo is Korea’s largest, one of Asia’s top 3 and the world’s top 10 new and renewable energy exhibitions, and the only exhibition jointly organized by the four major associations. The exhibition will cover △Solar power △ESS (energy storage system) & battery △Smart grid technology △Wind power and △New and renewable energy. This exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, and KHIA.

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2021 Greend Energy Expo | Video by AVING News