[2021 Green Energy Expo Interview] Huawei watches the Korean market to expand market share

Huawei booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Huawei participated in the International Green Energy Expo 2021 held at EXCO, Daegu from April 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri) and introduced its Ks-certified solar power inverter lineup.

Huawei is well-known as a leading Chinese communication equipment company, and it is also a global leader in the smart solar power generation industry. Based on more than 30 years of experience in the power electronics business, Huawei has developed and launched a solar inverter.

At the Green Energy Expo exhibition hall, AVING News met Huawei staff for an interview.

Q1. Product advantage

Our competitiveness is that we have a higher number of MPPT than other companies’ inverters with single capacity. The 50kW and 60kW products are made with the know-how accumulated over many experiences, and are inverters that adopt the natural cooling method without a fan.

Also, our inverter has been applying 2-channel MPPT for a long time. As can be seen from this exhibition, all companies are currently using the same two-channel concept in one MPPT. As such, you can see that the company is at the forefront in terms of technology.

Q2. Product certification and performance

Products such as 50kW, 60kW, and 100kW, which are exhibited at this time, have already received KS certification in Korea, and KS certification of 185KTL products is in the process in line with the low voltage standards of KEC regulation  DC-1500V and AC1000V newly applied from January 1 of this year. Currently, we have completed the product testing, and only finishing work of coordinating with the Korea Energy Agency remains.

The company has offices in more than 170 countries around the world, so it is difficult to export from Korea, but last year, we had run a 50㎿ project in Vietnam. Currently, we are focusing on the domestic market.

Huawei’s solar power inverter | Photo by AVING News

Q3. Warranty period

We provide a 5-year warranty, and even after the end of the 5-year period, the service can be extended to 15 to 20 years. Partner companies offer technical service and there are staff in Huawei headquarters, so service can be provided within 24 hours.

Q4. Purpose of participation in the exhibition

Huawei had negative images from the public. But after people use our product, they are highly satisfied. Through this exhibition, we are hoping to change the company’s image positively.

Also, there are many people who still recognize our business field only as telecommunication, so we would also like to let people know that we are in solar power business as well. I think we were successful in introducing our inverter brand here. Visitors are also showing a lot of interest in the product, and we are expecting to see actual results.

Huawei’s solar power inverter | Photo by AVING News

Q5. Future plans

The Korean market has already exceeded the GW and now achieves more than 4GW per year, and the market is expanding tremendously. Accordingly, we are also looking at the Korean market and is actively looking for investment. Our goal is to expand market share by focusing on the Korean market.

After releasing 170~185KTL and obtaining KS certification for the 1500V system, we are trying to focus on establishing a position to lead the market. Also, we will do our best to put positive image on our brand Huawei.

Q6. What do you think is the advantage of solar power generation?

Solar power generation is one way to reduce carbon, which is a problem these days in generating energy.

The 18th International Green Energy Expo is Korea’s largest, one of Asia’s top 3 and the world’s top 10 new and renewable energy exhibitions, and the only exhibition jointly organized by the four major associations. The exhibition covers △Solar power △ESS (energy storage system) & battery △Smart grid technology △Wind power and △New and renewable energy. This exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, and KHIA.

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