2019 Changwon Goods Exhibition Sales Show opens, grabbing the attention with participation from outstanding SMEs

2019 Changwon Goods Exhibition Sales Show opened on June 14, gathering companies from Changwon and their products in one spot. This sales show is held at Changwon Convention Center (CECO) 1 with diverse events and shows.

Hosted by Changwon City and organized by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, 103 companies including major big companies like LG Electronics and GM Korea and hidden champions exhibited in 184 booths scale.

Exhibited items were displayed in Brand Promotion Hall, Hidden Champion Promotion Hall, My Town Food Industry Hall, Social Economic Company Hall, DIY and Reform Hall, and Zoom Market. Major companies based in Changwon like LG Electronics, GM Korea, Muhak, Hite Jinro, Monggo Food and Jangmonim Chicken and outstanding SMEs like Haesung DS, Lashevan Korea, EM Tech, Daegun Tech, Pibu Pibu, Silver Fox, and Gagopa Healing Food participated in the show as exhibitors.

Special events include Friday Night Party sponsored by Jangmonim Chicken, Mukah and Hite Jinro, healing lecture by poetry seller Ha Sang Wook, and hip-hop performance by rapper Superbee. Also during the show, Jangmonim Chicken is sold at 40% discount.

Other exciting events include company booth on-air, god of auction, 7-minute company busking, outstanding product award, go for time sales, lucky box draw, Changwon love family mission race, children economy market, Changwon love golden bell, and Changwon goods craft class.

Also during the show, export consultation with 10 buyers from countries including Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey is held to help open sales channel for the SMEs in consumer goods industry.