[2018 KOPPEX] ONECT, introduced Smart Furniture for OFFICE that has been Manufactured according to Changed Work Environment

ONECT have participated in the ‘2018 Korea Public Procurement Expo(2018 KOPPEX)’ from Apr.25th(Wed) to 27th(Fri) at Iisan KINTEX and introduced Smart Furniture for OFFICE that has been Manufactured according to Changed Work Environment.

Total Office Furniture Specialist Company ONECT has been providing perfect one-stop system from design development to delivery based on experience and technology accumulated in domestic office and education system furniture industry for the past 20 years. With its eco-friendly technology, It is leading the preservation and preservation.

ONECT’s office desks were built for a changing work environment due to machine development. As personal privacy becomes more important, a personal locker is made on each desk. When the cover of the desk leg is opened, the height of the desk can be adjusted, so that the height of the desk can be adjusted according to the user’s key. Also, it is convenient to move the desk easily because usually the mobile wheel floats in the air and the wheel comes out when the desk is tilted. Especially, there are electric wiring and tablet PC stand, which makes it easy to use space.

The CEO Park Mee-sul of ONECT said, “I participated in this exhibition last year, but it was a good achievement, so I had quite a high increase in sales.” And added, “We plan to be a recognized provider in the procurement market and to approach the general consumer with products that are competitive in terms of price and quality.”.

Meanwhile, in the ‘2018 KOPPEX’, various supply products will be exhibited in 8 fields, such as excellent supply product, MAS product, new technology product, public safety related products, venture countries, new company products, quality assurance procurement products, and traditional culture products. In addition, it is operating the venture country·new company booth for the promotion of the venture·new company product that had technology power but did not have the opportunity for supply market advancement.