[2014 ACE Fair] PictoStudio Showcased 3D Animation ‘BellBug PoPo’

PictoStudio(www.pictostudio.net) showed its 3D animation “BellBug PoPo” at ‘2014 Gwangju ACE Fair’ held at Kimdaejung Convention Center on Sep 25th to 28th for four days.

‘BellBug PoPo’ is five-minutes length and made in the series of 52 shows, targeting kids from 0 to 6 years old and broadcasted on KBS1 TV. This program is also available on “Kids 1” and “Olleh TV”; moreover, it is on the waiting-list to be on “Disney Channel.”

This year, agencies in China, Chinese Taipei, and Hong Kong had a negotiation for distribution contracts and the company will participate in the exhibition held at Shanghai in coming October.

‘BellBug PoPo’ is the first clay animation from PictoStudio featuring the life story of a bell bug purifying water at lake and its bug friends.

CE Fair, which stands for Asia Content & Entertainment Fair in Gwangju, was hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Gwangju City; and Kimdaejung Convention Center, KOTRA, KOCCA, KCTA, GITCT, and GDC jointly organized the show. At “2014 Gwangju ACE Fair,” 424 companies from 40 countries including 220 foreign buyers from the U.S.A., France, Poland, and China participated in ACE Fair.

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