[100 Companies in Pangyo, the Silicon Valley in Asia] BluezenDrone, an industrial small unmanned aerial vehicle system solution company

-Positioned as Korea’s leading PX4 platform technology development company
-Secures PX4 platform from industrial system drone production to entertainment

According to MOLIT, the global drone market is expected to grow from 7.2 trillion won in 2016 to 43.2 trillion won in 2022, and to 90.3 trillion won in 2026. In Korea, drones are increasing in demand, and they are being used in various areas from the delivery of pages to monitoring natural disasters like forest fires, red tide, and earthquakes, and even public safety and transportation. Also, as the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing for a longer period, drones are being brought up as a perfect means of non-face-to-face businesses. The core competitiveness to gain an advantage in the drone market is system technology. In Korea, BluezenDrone, a company specializing in the development of the industrial drone system, is challenging the global market with innovative technology.

BluezenDrone is a member of the large open-source flight stack PX4-based dronecode for commercial use, and it is a PX4 platform technology development company representing Korea. BluezenDrone, which has established itself as a company specializing in industrial drone technology solutions, continues to research and develop unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology, and it is engaged in various drone businesses.

Its business targets are finished industrial drone manufacturers, drone-based public and commercial service providers, and industrial drones and drone operators for commercial systems. It is closely cooperating with finished industrial drone manufacturers to develop hardware and software for special devices such as flight control devices and mission computers and various technical solutions for the stability of drone systems, and it is supplying them to finished product manufacturers.

BluezenDrone has actually participated as a system developer in the development of drones for delivery to islands and mountains of the Korea Post. It has also participated as the technology solution developer in the mission computer development project for disaster drones used for forest fire monitoring and extinguishing and controllers and software development project for hydrogen-fueled drones. Through this, BluezenDrone has been building its technological power as a specialist in industrial system drone, unmanned aerial vehicle system parts/solutions, drone development test equipment, and entertainment drone system.

BluezenDrone is developing and supplying customized industrial system drones with reliability and safety to achieve the mission of unmanned aerial vehicles required in various industrial sites. It is using the optimized industrial system drone design and verified industrial system drone reliability and safety to support drone control and remote system and industrial site operation and maintenance system. The major industrial system drones supplied by BluezenDrone are SD-SX8, a high-wind-resistant, high-moving system drone, SD-MH6 and SD-MX4t, all-weather long-term endurance-type system drones, and SD- MH6t, all-weather multi-task system drone.

With this, BluezenDrone supplies its own core parts like LTE integrated communication modules for drones and power redundancy and intelligent power management module to companies that manufacture finished products. It has acquired FCC (KC certification R-REM-BZD-pixhawkR) certification and secured the performance required by the industrial system, building the most complete system drones required in the industrial field.  BluezenDrone is also running an industrial drone parts online shop (www.sysdronemall.com) for faster customer service to better accommodate customer needs.

Also, BluezenDrone is developing and supplying hardware test equipment and software verification equipment for system drone development such as indoor flight tester, motor comprehensive tester, integrated drone system emulator, and battery performance tester for integrated drones. Also, to provide a new paradigm in the drone industry market, it is supplying various events and experience-based entertainment game systems like drone clay shooting game system, drone survival game system, and drone carnival game system.

BluezenDrone is a company that was spun off in 2018 from Bluezen established in 2011. It aims to develop and supply core parts of the industrial drone system (flight control system, communication system, safety/reliability enhancement device, etc.). It has recorded 1.1 billion won in sales as of 2019, and it is currently participating in a number of technology development projects with private companies as well as national R&D projects to lay the foundation for the drone industry.

As the mother company Bluezen started its business in Pangyo, it was natural for BluezenDrone to be based in Pangyo as well. BluezenDrone CEO Eom Seong-yong said, “What’s great about Pangyo Techno Valley is that there are many IT companies with excellent technology and there are many good human resources as well. It is the perfect place to open up a business in the sense that it has great accessibility to Seoul.”

“We want to attract investment in additional development and marketing manpower to fully activate the communication-related service business,” said Eom. On the mid-to-long-term strategy and business goals, he said, “We would like to increase the market share of core parts and develop various additional service businesses by technology advancement. By applying it to the existing telecommunication business, we would like to expand the business scale.”