2021 International Green Energy Expo & Conference will be held on Apr. 28 at Daegu EXCO to present direction of global green new deal development

Site of 2020 International Green Energy Expo & Conference | Source: EXCO

The 2021 International Green Energy Expo exhibition, which global new and renewable energy companies participate as sponsors every year, will be held at the Daegu EXCO for three days from April 28 to 30.

The International Green Energy Expo is referred to as a miniature version of the new and renewable energy ecosystem, and a wide variety starting from solar cells to modules, ESS, structures, inverters, smart grids, and renewable energy products and technologies will be displayed at the show.

This year, more than 250 companies will participate, and seven of the world’s top 10 solar cell and solar panel companies and number one to five of the world’s top 10 solar inverter companies have already confirmed their participation. This means companies do not have to go abroad to see the global trend of new and renewable energy, and this is drawing attention.

Along with this, 70 buyers from Europe, America, and Asia will be participating in the online export conference, and this will be the largest export conference to be held, expected to contribute not only to information sharing but also for finding new markets for the exhibitors.

Site of 2020 International Green Energy Expo & Conference | Source: EXCO

Also, the 2021 International Green Energy Conference which will be held during the exhibition will invite world-class scholars and experts in the field of photovoltaic, hydrogen, and fuel cells as speakers to share the latest trends in the new and renewable energy market and industry. Pre-registration for the conference will be open until April 23, and discounts will be available during this period.

The President of EXCO said, “International Green Energy Expo not only introduces innovative technologies and products to achieve a low-carbon economy and carbon neutrality, but also is the venue to promotes overseas exports of exhibitors having difficulty due to COVID-19 and confirms the development direction of the Green New Deal at home and abroad. We hope that you will participate in this exhibition which will present the Green New Deal policies from major countries around the world, and act as the outpost to carry out the ‘2050 Carbon Neutral Promotion Strategy’ of the Korean government.”