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Mitsubishi Electric Kyoto Works - on the road  2006-07-18
AVING Special Report Team had an opportunity to visit Kyoto Works and deliver a series of special reports with visual news to explore new dimensions of Mitsubishi Electric. Centering on the AV plaza, let us have a look over Kyoto Works.
"Our main focus is to make high quality products"  2006-07-20
As our motto ‘Changes for the better’ represents, our main focus is to make high quality products for customers. Mitsubishi Electric has been traditionally holding on to very strict standard in terms of quality and market also acknowledges it.
Visit to Kyoto with the beauty of a thousand years of history  2006-07-17
Kyoto Works of Mitsubishi Electric with 85 years of history, a representative brand of Japanese companies in global market, is certainly part of this old painting, formerly the imperial capital of Japan for a thousand years.
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