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The masters of online games are coming from Japan!  2007-11-20
The final match for the Gamengame World Championship (GNGWC) 2007 to select Japanese masters of Korea-made online games was held last 17th at the Quest Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Korea-made online games flying into the world on Coca-Cola  2007-11-17
The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.
GNGWC Japan Regional Final will be held on Nov. 17th  2007-11-13
One hundred and two players who survived from online provisional selections will compete to acquire only 17 tickets at Quest Hall, Tokyo.
Korean Online games! It's time to march into U.S.  2007-10-30
'Game&Game World Championship 2007' the final of the U.S. region was held on L.A.
GNGWC 2007 Southeast Asia regional finals finished successfully  2007-10-18
GNGWC 2007(Game & Game World Championship)’s Southeast Asian regional finals held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 13th.
Silkroad Online, the road to the world  2007-10-02
Silkroad Online, developed and provided by Joymax, is a dynamic fantasy MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) which is staged in ancient civilizations of China, Europe and Islam.
Bomb 'N Dash, a strong appearance in the global stage in just three minutes  2007-09-30
Innodis’s Bomb ’N Dash is swiftly advancing to the corners of the world.
Shot-Online, bringing the golf course to you!  2007-09-29
‘Shot-Online, a field of its own’ is an online 3D game developed and provided by Onnet. Being a RPG, the notion is that the characters in Shot-Online can improve by rounding with different users.
Record of Lunia War, an arcade making it's first appearance in Taiwan  2007-09-29
Record of Lunia War (commonly knkown as Lunia) is a 3D on-line game that is an action packed arcade enjoyed by many from the past.
The Global MMO Game Festival kicks off in America, Vietnam, and Korea  2007-09-14
After finale of its European match in Germany, Game and Game World Championship 2007(GNGWC2007) match kicks off in America, Vietnam, and Korea.
KIPA to Host 'Game & Game World Championship 2007' on Oct 20th  2007-09-13
Korea IT International Cooperation Agency of Silicon Valley dedicated to promote MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online)-based games invites U.S. based online gamers to the ‘Game and Game World Championship(GNGWC) 2007’
The world first mmo e-Sports league finished its European match  2007-09-05
The world’s first MMO e-sports global league (Game and Game World Champion 2007) finished its European final rounds in the Game Convention held in Leipzig on August 23th.
Game&Game World Championship 2007 Tournament Takes Off  2007-08-17
The first global e-sports league for massively multiplayer online games kicked off with the European match start.
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