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Shuttle XPC, Small & Stylish - Product Tour ⑤  2006-02-02
Shuttle xpc series are great examples to show that not only men but computers are alo not to be measured by inches.
Shuttle XPC, Small & Silent - Product Tour ④  2006-02-02
If you visit Shuttle showroom in the headquarter building, you will see something interesting that you would not find any other places – a noise level test booth.
Shuttle XPC, Small & Strong – Product Tour ③  2006-02-02
One of the outstanding feature of Shuttle’s SFF(Small Form Factor) computer is its compact but rugged design.
Shuttle, Small & Powerful – Product Tour ①  2006-01-26
Shuttle XPC is small but powerful. This compact computer is complete and strong enough to be able to used as a server. In particular, Shuttle XPC is famous for its quiet cooling system for its size.
Shuttle, Premium Computer Trend Leader - Place Tour ③  2006-01-26
Shuttle is expected to be a trend leader in premium computer market in the near future with remarkable ideas and products.
Shuttle, do you think it is just a pc manufacturer? - Place Tour ②  2006-01-26
If you enter the first floor of Shuttle head quarter office in Taiwan, you can feel a kind of dynamic and challenging spirit of this company, something rare if you visit other manufacturing companies.
Shuttle, Bare-Bone PC 强者 - Place Tour ①  2006-01-26
Shuttle, a Taiwanese manufacturer of motherboards, barebone computers and complete pc systems, is an industry-leading company in global barebone pc market.
BenQ Key Man, Adrian Chang AP President Interview  2006-01-25
BenQ Key Man, Adrian Chang AP President Interview
BenQ Billboards - Place Tour ③  2006-01-25
BenQ billboards near 101 building, a representative landmark of Taiwan. It is known as the tallest building in the world. You can notice BenQ billboards in purple color.
BenQ R & D Center - Place Tour ②  2006-01-25
BenQ R&D center in Taoyuan city where the world-class monitors are being developed. Taoyuan is one hour distant from Taipei.
BenQ Headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan - Place Tour ①  2006-01-25
A panoramic view of BenQ Headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan. There is a showroom on the first floor of the building.
Fascinating Design, BenQ Mobile ‘Qube Z 2’ - Product Tour ⑮  2006-01-24
Fascinating Design, BenQ Mobile ‘Qube Z 2’
BenQ Mobile, ‘U 700’ - Product Tour ⑭  2006-01-24
Although BenQ is currently using a dual brand BenQ-Siemens for their cell phones, it hopes to stand by itself with its unique brand BenQ in the near future.
BenQ Brand-New LCD monitor ‘FP 72V’ for KIDS and Parents! - Product Tour ⑬  2006-01-24
BenQ brand-new monitor ‘FP72V’ features several innovative functions for kids.
BenQ, LCD Monitor ‘FP 231W’ - Product Tour ⑫  2006-01-23
BenQ, LCD Monitor ‘FP 231W’
BenQ, LCD Monitor ‘FP 2091’ - Product Tour ⑪  2006-01-23
BenQ, LCD Monitor ‘FP 2091’
BenQ, LCD Monitor ‘FP 785’ - Product Tour ⑩  2006-01-23
BenQ has presented the world-first 2ms response time LCD monitor last year and it is now developing 1ms response time monitor.
BenQ, Home Theater Projector ‘PE 7700’ – Product Tour ⑨  2006-01-23
Projector business has been one of the strong business units of BenQ.
BenQ, LCD TV ‘DV4670’- BenQ Product Tour ⑧  2006-01-23
BenQ has been able to do LCD TV business based on prominent LCD panels of AUO, the subsidiary of BenQ group.
BenQ, Joybook ‘S 52’ - Product Tour ⑦  2006-01-23
By utilizing its advanced computing technology and world-class monitor technology with the experience of producing pc peripherals for a long time, BenQ has begun laptop business since 2001.
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