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BenQ Design, Beautiful Temptation!! - Product Tour ④  2006-01-23
BenQ Portable Audio MP3Ps with distinctive designs and colors. You can change the cover of the MP3Ps.
BenQ, Mobile 强者 豫感 - Product Tour ③  2006-01-23
BenQ is using a dual brand ‘BenQ-Siemens’ in Europe market. but it hopes to use its unique BenQ not before long. In this regard, it hinges on how quickly BenQ can make users perceive its brand in the global market.
BenQ Mobile, Beautiful Design - Product Tour ②  2006-01-23
Based on high technology and accumulated wealth, BenQ surprised the world last year by acquiring Siemens mobile business, prominent mobile brand.
BenQ, the World-Class IT Manufacturer – Product Tour ①  2006-01-23
BenQ manufacturing technology is easily up there with world’s leading company.
BenQ, the Company Responsible for the World-Best Monitor Technology  2006-01-23
BenQ, one of the representative companies of Taiwan, is being transformed as a global IT consumer electronics company. It started as a typical OEM, ODM suppliers like the conventional Taiwanese manufacturing companies in the past.
ASUS(華碩), ‘★★★★★’ 級 Hotel - ASUS Office 編  2005-12-29
The facilities in ASUS Headquarter like a huge swimming pool, a sauna, full-equipped fitness room, hot spa, and cozy restaurant give an impression that it even looked like a 5 star luxurious hotel.
ASUS(華碩), 次世代製品 PDA & Mobile Design Power - ASUS Design編 ⑤  2005-12-29
ASUS PDA and Mobile phones. ASUS has already accumulated proficient IT technology with the experiences of OEM and ODM business for a long time.
ASUS(華碩), 代表製品 Notebook Design Power - ASUS Design編 ④”  2005-12-22
ASUS premium notebook computers. This neat and luxurious design matches well with convenient features and this wonderful harmony must be the reason how ASUS laptop swept all kinds of award in design field.
“ASUS(華碩) Artistry’ - ASUS Design編 ③”  2005-12-22
In inventing a new product, ASUS designers try to imagine something practical but still aesthetically inspiring. So, when we glance over the portfolio of ASUS design concept, they never look like IT products at first.
“ASUS(華碩) Design, beyond technology - ASUS Design編 ②”  2005-12-22
ASUS strives to create something more than just high tech feature-rich product – something that is aesthetic enough to catch the eyes of customers.
ASUS(華碩) Design that breathes life into a product – ASUS Design編 ①  2005-12-20
To overcome cold and dull images of IT products ASUS has set a high value on design from an early stage besides good quality.
“TAIWAN Legend(傳說), ASUS(華碩)!!”  2005-12-19
ASUS, the world-top manufacturer of computer motherboard - is one of the representative IT companies in Taiwan. In 2004, it supplied 4200 motherboard, which is in fact bigger than the amount of the second-, third-, and fourth-ranked companies put together in the industry.
Premier IT World Factory ‘Taiwan’ - ASUS, BenQ, Shuttle  2005-12-19
AVING is going to present special news reports ‘World Class Companies in Taiwan’ about these three outstanding companies, ASUS, BenQ, and Shuttle.
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