Olympus to Launch ‘PEN E-PL3’, & ‘PEN E-PM1’, Hybrid Cameras Emphasizing Mobility and Design

Olympus Korea (representative Il-Seok Bang, www.olympus.co.kr) presented ‘PEN E-PL3’ and ‘PEN E-PM1’, hybrid cameras, in the showcase for new PEN series held in Grand Ballroom of Western Chosun Hotel in Seoul on July 5.

(Picture: PEN E-PL3)

PEN E-PL3, a follow-up model of PEN E-PL2 which recorded the highest sales volume among hybrid cameras in the first half of 2011, reduced its weight about 17% than PEN E-PL2 thanks to 3-inch rotating tilt-type LCD monitor.

Tilt LCD, which was applied for the first time among PEN series, can tilt by 40 degrees down and removes constraints on composition by 176 degrees of viewing angle.

It also supports full HD video shooting function with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 and enables 6 types of art filters, 3D art filter, and full HD art filter. The size is 109.5 x 93.7 x 37.3mm, and the price is not publicized yet.

(Picture: PEN E-PM1)

PEN E-PM1, an entry lineup of PEN series, is a PEN Mini model emphasizing mobility. The weight is 215g, the lightest among existing lens-exchanging cameras, and the total weight including standard zoom lens, flash, memory card, and battery is 401g, also the lightest in the world.

PEN E-PM1 is going to be released in 6 various colors like purple, pink, and brown which couldn’t have been seen from previous hybrid cameras as well as white, black, and silver, and the exclusive art filter of PEN series is also installed. The size is 109.5 x 63.7 x 34mm, and the price remains unknown yet.