VuliteMax to introduce PU resin coating screen
[ Kevin Choi 2008-07-02 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'infoComm 2008') -- <Visual News> VuliteMax introduced PU (Polyurethane) resin coating and pattern glass fiver screen at InfoComm 2008, in Las Vegas.

It features resilience of the original form, co-efficient of expansion, flexibility and nice touch-feel. In addition, VuliteMax screens offer high brightness and wide angle of vision as well as wide screen for easy handling and design. The widest screen of glassbead type products, diadonal line 150 inches in 4:3 ratio, diadonal line 200 inches in 16:9 ratio. According to company, PVC (Poly Vinyl Cloride) Chloric is prohibited to be used for the household stuff due to the cause of atopy in many countries.

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