INNCOM to demonstrate its smart digital thermostat 'E528GSH'
[ Alliyah Seo 2008-05-20 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'HD expo 2008') -- <Visual News> INNCOM demonstrated its smart digital thermostat 'E528GSH' and the glass series switch, a low voltage switch input for lighting, fan, drape or similar applications at the Hospitality Design Expo 2008 in Las Vegas.

The E528GSH is designed to be intuitive for guest use and can be used in stand-alone applications or integrated with IRAS using low voltage wiring. The glass series switch is activated by the user by touching the capacitance switching glass surface.

< AVING Special Report Team for 'HD expo 2008': Miso Kim, Alliyah Seo>

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