Adhesion⋅Coating⋅Film Industry Specialized Exhibition 'ATEM FAIR 2014', to be Held in Incheon in Coming March!
[ Miri Ahn 2014-03-18 ]  

The specialized exhibition, '2014 International Adhesion•Coating•Film Industry Exhibition (ATEM FAIR 2014, hereunder ATEM FAIR) will be held on coming March 19th at Songdo Conventia in Incheon, where the trend and future of the Adhesion⋅Coating⋅Film industry seen at a glance.

The fields of Adhesion⋅Coating⋅Film are high value-added industries applied to various fields including the traditional industries of Construction, Plant, Machinery industry and the Semi-conductor, Mobile-phone, Display, Automotive industry that are leading the economic growth of the country and the cutting-edge future industries of Solar cell, Aerospace, Bio, Medicine, and Nano technologies. These are the fields that already many domestic and overseas companies are fiercely competing at national level to secure the core technologies for the development of new products, and this fair is the only chance in Korea that the trend of these products and technologies can be understood at a glance.

The 6th ATEM FAIR of this year, is considered as one of the fairs with high reentrance rate of current participating companies due to the substantial effect of participation, and solidifies its position as a specialized business fair. It had truly received good responses to such an great extent that more than 50% of the next-year booth were booked at the site where the fair was held, and practical business meetings and discussions on technical cooperation among companies were actively performed with the more than 15,000 business attendances.

At this year's fair, adhesion and coating related products and technologies which are used in many fields as well as cutting-edge functional film and related equipment will be abundantly exhibited. And the '2014 International Surface Treatment⋅Plating⋅Painting Technology Industrial Fair (SRUTECH KOREA 2014)' will be opened at the same time where technologies and machines and materials, and equipments related to surface treatment, plating, and painting are exhibited together, which are closely connected with the coating and adhesion technology, and not only technical exchange among the participating companies but also synergy effect of sharing buyers can be forecasted.

Especially, It appears that the ATEM FAIR will be reformed in this year as an international level fair both in name and reality since the participation of domestic companies as well as global companies of the U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France, Taiwan etc. is noticeably increasing.

The fair will play a role as a place for information on latest technology and trend as well as future industrial trend of Adhesion⋅Coating since the program quality will be upgraded by one step, while the domestic and overseas leading companies participate in various technology conferences and seminar programs that are held as events accompanies with the fair.

ATEM FAIR where launching information on new products of Adhesion•Coating•Film Industries will be learned for the first time. As it has achieved a quick growth in terms of quality•quantity, ATEM FAIR is expected to become soon world noticing event.

The fair will be held at Songdo Conventia in Incheon from March 19th (WED) to 21th (FRI), and free attendance is available if on-line registration is done in advance at the official homepage(


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