Seoul Commtech to unveil slim touch-sensitive digital door lock 'Luce'
[ Kevin Choi 2008-04-04 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'ISC West 2008') -- <Visual News> Seoul Commtech( unveiled its slim touch-sensitive digital door lock ‘Luce(model: EZON SHS-5200)’ during 2008 ISC West.

The EZON SHS-5200, also known as Luce, is being recognized as a next-generation digital door lock. Some overseas product review websites have even hailed Luce as a product that has a better design than Apple’s iPhone.

As its slim body is made from high-gloss black material, it actually looks somewhat like the premium slim mobile phone. Like most premium cars in black, the black color of Luce gives it a luxurious, classy image.

The Luce is completely differentiated from existing door lock products by its touch-sensitive interface. Unlike other products that require keypad covers, it has a special tempered glass, enabling users to enter the numbers with fingertips.

The keypad is not displayed when Luce is not activated. When a user presses the start button, the numbers are displayed with a backlight. This minimizes the risks of password detection by outsiders, providing better security as well as a more stylish design.

One of the most unique features of Luce is its slimness. Luce is Korea’s slimmest door lock product. At 2.1cm thick, its body is half the thickness of ordinary door lock products. This slimness actually makes it a more useful door lock, because it is attached more closely to the door. In addition, the special aluminum used for the body makes it a strong product as well as a slim one. It also features a built-in fire detector. When the indoor temperature rises to 55℃, an alarm will ring, and the door will be automatically unlocked to ensure the safety of residents.

In order to advance into the US market, the mortise, which is the core part of the digital door lock, was designed to meet U.S. standards, and the location of the emergency key was localized.

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