Seoul Commtech to showcase its home controller wall pad featuring innovative button
[ Grace Won 2008-04-03 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'ISC West 2008') -- <Visual News> Seoul Commtech( showcased its wall pad as home controller ‘EZON SHT-7307’ during 2008 ISC West, which features innovative button design that enables users to easily find the correct menu and access the functions.

Adopting a 7-inch LCD, it supports communications with visitors and the security office, main gate access control, security control (gas valve control & crime prevention), receiving and making phone calls, and home control (lighting, gas valves, heating, cooling, and remote control).

It is also connected to the parking control system, remote meter inspection system, and home delivery alert system. It serves as the controller of the home network system by being connected to the sub phone.

Executive Vice President Jeong-Muk Kim said, “The new type of buttons enable users who are not accustomed to home network devices to use the system easily.”

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