Schlagwerk to present 'Udu' drums played by hitting with palms
[ Grace Won 2008-03-13 ]  

FRANKFURT, Germany (AVING Special Report on 'musikmesse 2008') -- <Visual News> Schlagwerk Percussion introduced ‘Udu’ drums during Musikmesse 2008, which is inspired by the original African Udu.

Originally from Africa, the Udu means ‘clay pot’ in the language of the Ibos. For over 20 years, designer and pottery master, Kai Koesling, has been handcrafting the Schlagwerk Udu drums. They are played by rhythmically opening and closing the side-hole with the palm of the hand.

This produces a deep bass tone, reminiscent of the sound of the Indian Tabla. This playing technique is combined with the bright, percussive body-sound produced by hitting any part of the pot with the fingers.

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