Volkswagen to unveil its concept car 'space up! blue' utilizing water and sun
[ Grace Won 2007-11-17 ]  

LOS ANGELES, USA (AVING Special Report on '2007 L.A. Auto Show') -- <Visual News> Volkswagen unveiled its concept car ‘space up! blue’ with its four roof windows during LA Auto Show, which is a compact, zero emissions van in the style of the Volkswagen Samba Bus.

Powered by a high temperature cell and an array of twelve lithium-ion batteries, the motor operates the space up! blue over a range of up to 220 miles with fully charged battery and full hydrogen tanks. When the electric motor of the space up! blue is driven exclusively by battery, a range of 65 miles is possible. And indeed with a large solar panel on the roof, it supplies up to 150W of energy that is also fed into the battery.

Motorized in this way, the splace up! blue attains a top speed of 75 mph and it handles the sprint to 62 mph in a 13.7 seconds.

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