RoCon 2012 on-site] Smart Robot 'Albert' which can interact with people
[ Clare Jang 2012-05-06 ]  

Mobiletalk (CEO Seungu Hong, participates in Int'l Robot Contents Show 2012 (RoCon 2012)' held on May 4-6, at CECO (Changwon Exhibition Convention Center), Korea to show Smart Robot 'Albert' which can interact with people.

Mobiletalk's robot 'Albert' is supervised by 'SK Telecom', and  'Geni kids' makes contents, 'Robomation' makes robot (Hardware) and 'Mobiltalk' is in charge of market(appstore)'.

(Photo: Albert moves  bob and weave by sensing obstacle)

(Photo: Albert moves by recognizing the position of flags with OID(Optical ID) sensor)

Albert is a Zero client Personal Robot utilizing smartphone as brains. It uses by connecting Brainless Robot to smartphone like blue tooth. Varied games and learning are available. Also it can interact with people as a friend that can sing a song, dance, express emotion.

Albert android/iOS will release the end of this year.

RoCon 2012 hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do & Changwon-si and organized by Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation is held to join the government's policy for Robot industry fostering and to expand Robot culture. RoCon 2012 is a platform which can read the technology skill and trend concerning robot, contents, IT, SW and PC/Mobile Game.

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