Canon To Prepare Customer Invitation Event For 'P&I 2011'
[ Mia Eun 2011-04-19 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'PHOTO&IMAGING 2011') -- <Visual News> Canon Korea Consumer Imaging(representative Dong-Hwan Kang) organizes the 'Enjoy P&I with Canon/Seoul Photo 2011' in the 'Photo & Imaging 2011' held from April 21st to 24th, COEX, Seoul in Korea.

This event was planned to not only guiding viewpoints in 'P&I 2011', the biggest exhibition of photos & imaging in Asia, but also giving opportunities to enjoy Canon gallery. This event, especially, is a full packaged program ranging from 'P&I 2011' tour, 'Seoul Photo 2011' to watching a documentary 'The Ultimate Tundra' that will give various experiences to consumers.

First, people participating in 'Enjoy P&I/Seoul Photo 2011' will be able to experience Canon products by themselves in Canon exhibition and they will be given gift points that enable them to enjoy theme zones actively.

An opportunity to watch 'Seoul Photo 2011', a professional art fair of photography held in COEX at the same period, is given free of charge. Participants can visit Canon gallery zone in 'Seoul Photo 2011' and get in-depth information about works.

With the documentary 'The Ultimate Tundra' showing in MegaBox theater in COEX, the whole schedule is over. 'The Ultimate Tundra', which generated a lot of talk due to shooting with 'EOS 5D Mark Ⅱ', is specially screened from 22nd to 23th for participants of 'Enjoy P&I/Seoul Photo 2011' and event winners of 'P&I 2011' Canon gallery.

Canon is looking for 60 participants for 'Enjoy P&I with Canon/Seoul Photo 2011' from 2p.m. on 16 on a first-come-first-served basis. Anyone who's an online member of Canon Korea Consumer Imaging can apply through . By the order of application 60 participants are divided in half into first and second section. First section is on 22 and the second is 23.

Sook-Hi, Son from Marketing Communications of Canon Korea Consumer Imaging said, "This event is to let beginners know the authentic fun of 'P&I 2011'. I hope people can feel the superior optical technology of Canon by experiencing the products with the guidance of experts and looking around theme zones."

Canon will give guidance books of DPP (Digital Photo Professional), photo-file correcting software by Canon, and mug cups shaped as EF L lens as souvenirs to all participants.

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