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[ Jane Lee 2020-11-24 ]  

Daegu Machinery Expo 2020 was held at Daegu Exco on Nov. 24.

Since the spread of COVID-19, the equipment industry is eying on Daegu Machinery Expo 2020, the biggest event in the machinery industry to be held in Korea. At Daegu Machinery Expo, where the "next production and manufacturing strategy" will be shared, three expos, Daegu Automatic Machinery Expo, Parts & Materials Show, and Daegu Robot Expo, will be integrated, and it will be held Nov. 24-27 at EXCO exhibition hall on the first floor.

First, 106 companies will participate in Daegu Automatic Machinery Expo (DAMEX 2020) in 317 booths to promote intelligent and automated solutions and related products in the production and manufacturing process. DAMEX 2020 was organized into six specialty halls, Factory Automation, Smart Factory, Tools, Logistics and Packaging Machines, Machine Tools, and Control Instruments to deliver more useful automation technology and related solutions to increase production efficiency.

At the Machine Tool hall, Eshimtech will be showing its 5-axis high-speed machining center optimized for precise and complex structures, and Daesung Hitech and Nicemach will be exhibiting NOMURA's automatic shelves. Also, in the factory automation hall, Samick THK, the number one guide and ball screw manufacturer and sales company in Korea, Duksan Cotran, which is about to launch a non-face-to-face sterilizer suitable for COVID-19 era, and IGM Service Korea and HJ PNC, welding robot specializing companies confirmed participation in the show.

Also, in Parts & Materials Show in its 15th year, 89 companies participated in 128-booth scale to display machine & auto parts, electric & electronic parts, metal & chemical materials, and ceramic products and technologies. Also in this exhibition, a large number of local organizations formed a joint hall to participate in this exhibition to enhance the competitiveness of the parts and materials industry and to strengthen the convergence ecosystem of related companies. In Daegu Technopark, the Nano Convergence Practicalization Center has organized a joint hall with 12 companies in Daegu area including carbon and ceramic materials and parts manufacturers, and automobile parts manufacturers, and the corporate support group is participating in 8-booth scale joint hall made up of Sensor Solution, Capro, Fe G Tec, Hansung Aluminum will be participating.

Finally, at Daegu Robot Expo (ROBEX 2020) in its ninth run, latest manufacturing robot technology will be used for various processes such as assembly, processing, testing, transport, and packaging to improve efficiency in manufacturing line and work environment. In ROBEX 2020, major conglomerates such as Hyundai Robotics, Korea Yaskawa Electric, Stäubli, and Epson and 45 industrial robot companies such as Ajin Extek, SV Tech, UND, and Oto Robotics will participate in 152-booth scale will showcase industrial robots, service robots, robot parts, robot SI, and drones.

Also, at Daegu Machinery Expo 2020, overseas buyer video export consultation and purchase consultation will be held. In the export consultation, 33 companies from five countries will participate, and in purchase consultation, 16 large and medium-sized companies will participate to stimulate the regional economy stagnated due to COVID and contribute to the creation of profit by SMEs that are having difficulties in finding sales channels in Korea and overseas.

EXCO, the exhibition secretariat, is accelerating preparation for the event by thoroughly complying with the safety rules for COVID-19, and is preparing for the event with the safety of visitors as the top priority through three stages of quarantine from entering the exhibition hall. Daegu City Manager Lee Geun-soo said, "Local machinery and metal companies suffered a lot due to COVID this year․and I hope that this will be an opportunity for these companies to seek positive development directions in 2021 from exhibitions and domestic and international conferences."

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