[Photonics Korea 2020] Optonics to introduce superior polishing, coating, machining technologies
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-17 ]  

Optonics will be introducing its super polishing, ultra-low loss coating, precision optical machining, and optical contact technologies at the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020, which will be held Nov. 19-27 at KAPID online non-face-to-face consultation room and the exhibition homepage.

The optical specialist Optonics possesses super polishing, ultra low loss, high-LIDT coating, and precision optical machining and optical contact tecnologies needed to manufacture highly difficult laser optical parts. And based on these technologies, it is manufacturing the core optical parts in optical-laser-RLG (ring laser gyroscope).

The company staff said, "Most of the processes are performed in clean rooms and isothermal-isohumidity rooms to ensure excellent quality and reproducibility, and by operating the ISO9001/ISO14001 management system, we are producing products that are competitive in the global market. We will do our best to secure sustainable competitiveness by continuous technology development and recruiting talents, and listen to our customers' opinions to provide the best products and technologies."

Super polishing

Super polishing is a method of polishing in a state that is several tens of times smaller than abrasive particles used in ordinary processing. With super policing, the optical performance is improved by expressing the optical surface roughness on a sub-nano scale and scattering loss can be minimized. Also, by minimizing the potential internal defects like micro-crack that inevitably accompanies in a conventional polishing method, there is less stress and higher reliability, and surface defects (scratches/digs) and particles are also minimized, so that a perfect optical surface can be made. This superior optical surface performance guarantees ppm-class (0.000x%) loss characteristics in ultra-low-loss optical systems, and also guarantees high-performance laser optical components with high durability and long life without laser damage even in high-power laser optical systems.

Ultra-low loss coating technology

It is applied for the purpose of minimizing loss in the process of coating a photofunctional dielectric thin film on an optical substrate, and it includes the purity of the material constituting the thin film using a super-polished substrate, and the density of the thin film, and also optimizing physical/chemical/mechanical/environmental characteristics and the thin film process. Especially, to express the ultra-low loss characteristics, cleaning, etching, and heat treatment processes, which are the pre and post process technologies including the thin film process itself, are the keys. The finished ultra-low-loss coating product is measured with ppm precision for scattering loss, absorption loss, and transmission loss, and also observes the presence or absence of particles and scratches/digs with a high magnification microscope. Ultra-low loss coating-based optical products are applied as core component technologies in the field of laser parts in the ultraviolet band, laser ultra-precise measurement, and inertial navigation systems.

Precision optical machining & optical contact

It is a technology that realizes parallelism and angular performance for optical materials (LTEM) with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion on a scale of seconds, and also controls machining tolerances for optical materials very precisely. The LTEM material, which is precisely implemented geometrically, can be combined with parts to express optically aligned conditions, or by combining several parts through optical bonding between mounted parts to make an integrated module. It can be applied to high-precision optical measurement modules or laser modules with  the stable temperature characteristics of LTEM materials and high durability against the environment.

Optical bonding is a method of maintaining the bonding very firmly by inducing van-der-waals on the bonding surface. Since there is no adhesive, welding or mechanical method for bonding, it does not cause deformation, displacement, or stress due to bonding. Also, the adhesion power is very high, the optical interface disappears, and the adhesion is maintained for a long time with excellent environmental characteristics. Especially, when each unit part is manufactured with very precise dimensions, the dimensional accuracy of the final product combined through optical bonding can be maintained very precisely, so it is very useful for integrated and combined use of precision processed optical parts.

Regarding the purpose of participating in this online export conference, the company staff said, "We are experiencing difficulties in face-to-face public relations due to COVID-19. As a solution for this, we participated in a consultation. With this opportunity, we will further accelerate the supply of core parts in the domestic and overseas ultra-precision, ultra-low loss, and ultra-high output laser field."

The main events of the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020 hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and organized by the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development are as follows. △On-line road show for promising technologies/products in the optical convergence industry △Export conference inviting domestic and foreign influential buyers (24-hour online export consultation system for post-COVID crisis) △ Information session and forum △PLC, LiDar development strategy online seminar △Information session and forum

The items exhibited at the show are optical communication, optical fusion lighting, optical medical bio, optical precision, optical material parts, optical image information, optical imaging information, and optical energy.

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