[ENTECH VIETNAM 2020] CW-Hydro to introduce various localized pumps
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-03 ]  

CW-Hydro will participate in the Environment & Energy Tech 2020 (ENTECH 2020) held in BEXCO, Busan on Nov 11-13 to introduce various pumps that have successfully been localized in Korea.

The company has been selected as an excellent localization company by leading the localization of the process pump, and has been recognized for its technological prowess with receiving SME Technology Innovation Award and having excellent technological competitiveness. Also, based on its long-standing technology, the company entered the thermal and nuclear power fields and succeeded in developing nuclear quality certification and nuclear Q-Class charging pumps. And, it was awarded the Industrial Merit for the development of excellent capital goods through localization of high-efficiency pumps that can withstand high temperature and pressure.


Also, by conducting full-scale overseas expansion, the company is supplying high-performance pumps to Japan, Vietnam, Iran, and UAE, Russia, Chile, Egypt, and Algeria.

The high-temperature and high-pressure pumps to be introduced at this exhibition are mainly multi-stage type pumps used for nuclear power charging pumps, start-up feed water pumps, and boiler feed water pumps (BFP). And, special pumps of 300Barg or more can also be manufactured.

The high pressure vertical pump is a pump mainly used for nuclear power (Essential Service Water Pump, etc.), thermal power plant, industrial, and API. It is a multi-stage type, and there are models such as VMS, VCM (double casing), VHT, and VMT.


API pump is a special pump for petrochemicals, and it satisfies the API 610 standard. There are various types of pumps (OH2, BB2, BB3, BB5, etc.), and due to the characteristics of petrochemicals, they are basically equipped with requirements such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance. In addition, large-capacity industrial pumps are used for nuclear power (ESW Pump, Safety Related Centrifugal Pump, etc.), cooling water, processing, and drainage.

The company staff said, "We want to enter Vietnam. I think Vietnam is a great country with infinite potential for its diligence and plenty of manpower. Therefore, we are going to construct nuclear and thermal power plants, factories for industries, and make indirect capital investment such as SOC. Therefore, demand for pumps will also increase significantly, so we will actively utilize indirect exports by using construction companies and actively developing influential agents and buyers to expand the Vietnamese market."


ENTECH 2020 is Korea's largest environmental, energy, and future climate industry integrated exhibition hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and Kookje Newspaper and organized by BEXCO, Today Energy, and KOTRA. The exhibition Items are as follows. △ Water quality △ Atmosphere environment △ Waste treatment △ Measurement and analysis equipment △ Power, power generation & gas △ Renewable energy △ Energy efficiency △ Solar (heat) △ Wind power △ Hydrogen energy

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