[Pangyo Hot Issue] Gyeonggi Contents Agency X KOTRA Gyeonggi Support Team looks for startups to participate in Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project
[ Jane Lee 2020-09-03 ]  

- Synergy formed to support startups to expand overseas through an agreement between specialized content startup support (Gyeonggi Contents Agency) and support organizations with overseas buyers and investors infrastructure (KOTRA)

- Diversify the startup market and expand overseas sales through support for overseas expansion of startups in an ontact method to vitalize the stagnant overseas sales channels due to COVID-19

Gyeonggi Contents Agency (Director Song Gyeong-hee, GCon) announced that it is receiving application from startups that are interested in participating in the Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project through Pangyo G-HUB.

Startup Ontact Overseas Expansion Project is a program designed to enable startups in the province that have become stagnant due to COVID-19 to pioneer overseas markets by ontact. Active support is being made through business cooperation between the GCon specializing in supporting content startups and KOTRA with its connection to overseas buyers, investors, and infrastructure.

This project will run in collaboration with KOTRA's startup bases in 20 trade centers (△North America-New York, LA, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Toronto △Europe-London, Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, Helsinki △Japan-Tokyo △China-Beijing, Shanghai △Middle East- Dubai △Southeast Asia-Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Singapore △Southeast Asia-New Delhi, Bengaluru).

The companies eligible to participate are startups based in Gyeonggi-do with products, technology, and service in contents/ICT category that are less than seven years old. The candidates will be divided into two tracks, overseas buyer matching and foreign investor matching, and a total of 30 companies will be selected.

Selected participants will be receiving various benefits including ▲Matching support (startup consulting, overseas buyer/investor matching) ▲Production support (data translation, promotional video production, directory book production) ▲Display in online exhibition hall (BuyKorea) ▲Consultation operation (video consultation center and interpretation service) ▲Overseas market entrance mentoring.

In preparation for COVID-19, this project is planning to minimize face-to-face contact and utilize the webinar platform for online consulting for participating startups and guides to participating companies. Application for participation in the program and detailed information can be found on the GCon website (www.gcon.or.kr./ghub).

An official from GCon said, "As COVID-19 is prolonged, it is becoming harder and harder for startups in Gyeonggido to enter the overseas market. I would like to see many startups that are looking to find overseas market online to participate in this program."

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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