[BCB 2020] Agricultural corporation Yesan Apple Wine introduces Chusa 40, apple distilled beverage
[ Jane Lee 2020-10-14 ]  

Agricultural corporation Yesan Apple Wine participated in Bar Convent Berlin (BCB2020) in Berlin, Germany held as an online exhibition from Oct. 12 to 18, and introduced Chusa 40, apple distilled beverage.

The official said, "On the basis of CEO Jeong-Hak Seo, who has been cultivating an apple garden for 40 years, with the brewing skills of the wine maker Jeong Jae-min, the son-in-law who had learned brewing in Canada, they started making wine and brandy. It is not a liquor factory that produces industrial products, but a European-style farm winery with a restaurant, seminar room, and pension-style accommodation in the apple farm."

He continued, "The winery is located in Yesan, where Chusa Kim Jeong-hee was born. We have contained the will to make alcohol that has the life and spirit of Chusa. Chusa also means autumn apple. We are making wine that contains rich and generous autumn stories."

Chusa 40 (200ml/500ml) is a distilled apple liquor made by distilling the apples grown directly by Yesan Apple Wine, an agricultural company, and aged in oak barrels in the same way as Calvados in France.

Fermented without sweetening and distilled twice and aged in oak barrels, you can feel the subtle flavor of apples, and it has vanilla and chocolate scent with clean aftertaste.

The smoked wood scent and sweet scent created by long aging in oak barrels wakes up your sensory glands, and the aroma dissipates softly in the mouth without the irritation despite the high alcohol content. It leaves your mouth clean after drinking. It goes well with raw oysters.

In addition, Chusa 40 is a liquor obtained by distilling apples grown directly by Yesan Apple Wine, an agricultural corporation, and consists of 100% Yesan apples.

Starting with the Commendation Prize in the fruit wine category at the 2011 Korean Alcoholic Beverate Competition, it won the grand prize in 2012, 2013, and 2015. Also, it has also won a bronze medal at the Monde Selection, a world-renowned international liquor fair in 2014.

The International Bar and Beverage Trade show (BCB2020) is an exhibition of the alcoholic beverages and the beverage industry with a long history, and people in the bar and pub industry participate in various related programs. Due to COVID-19, it will be held online this year, and a series of exhibitions in the UK (Imbibe), Brazil, and the US will also be held at the same time, attracting buyers from all over the world.

As a part of the export consortium project replacement project, KBIZ gave support to participate in BCB2020 in an effort to develop overseas sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises that are going through difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and enhance export vitality.

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