TOOTECH introduce eco-friendly laser label printer that does not use ribbons. does not require maintenance and does not generate waste
[ Lee Eun Sil 2020-08-05 ]  

TOOTECH (CEO Nam eui-jo, will participate in the K-PRINT 2020 exhibition from 2nd (Wednesday) to 5th (Saturday) September to showcase the USD 5,000 laser label printer TTE-72FX.

TOOTECH (CEO Nam eui-jo), a manufacturer of laser label printers and equipment, is planning to expand its supply of products by using new "Laser Label Printer" products that have lowered prices. They aim to popularize laser label printers that are applied with their own technology.

TOOTECH said it will introduce a lower-priced laser label printer to K-PRINT, expecting the supply to expand by drastically lowering the price of laser label printers that guarantee superior quality. "We launched the price-competitive mass-production laser label printer version 4 this year," said Nam eui-jo, CEO of TOOTECH  "Because the existing price is too high and it is not easy to sell, if we lower the price, many companies will be able to use the laser label printer."

Label printer is product that produces labels used for mailing addresses, barcodes, and logistics management inputs. Various information such as name, address and date are entered and printed on the label paper. It is mainly used to manage goods at manufacturing sites or large stores. Laser label printers shoot the laser directly on the label and engrave it on the label. For this reason, unlike conventional ink-based label printers, there are no consumables, making it more cost-effective.

TOOTECH's laser label printer is also characterized by the fact that printed labels are not erased by substances such as alcohol or friction. It also obtained patents in South Korea and other countries such as the U.S., Japan, China, and Europe (France, Germany, and Britain) with related technologies. Companies such as Samsung Electronics, Fine Technics, which produces light-emitting diode (LED) products, and S-Energy, a solar module manufacturer, use TOOTECH laser label printers.

"The laser label printer is printed in the middle layer through the label surface," CED said. "It is not erased by friction and alcohol content."  TOOTECH first developed the label printer "TTE-72FR," which utilizes the laser method in 2008. It launched a series of version 2 "TTE-72FP" and version 3 "TTE-72FT" products in 2012 and last year. The price of the 'TTE-72FR' developed in 2008 is USD42,000., but the version 3 released last year has lowered the price to around USD17,000. Its products released this year have succeeded in lowering prices to the USD5,000. CEO Nam said, "Since switching to a subsidiary in 2014, sales have increased by 15% every year." We will increase sales with increasing product production with new products that have significantly lowered the price this year. "

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