Kinatech to showcase its scalp massager 'Head Time' in Hong Kong
[ Sophia Kwag 2010-05-03 ]  

HONG KONG, China (AVING Special Report on 'Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010') -- <Visual News> Kinatech( showcased its scalp massager 'Head Time' at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010 held from April 13 to 16 at the Hong Kong Convention Center.

The Head Time scalp acupressure massager of a new concept relieving scalp stress and possibly preventing hair loss, is a product that gained explosive interest from bloggers and editors worldwide as soon as it was reported in the global news last year.

This product, worn as a helmet as if wearing a hat, is a scalp massager with 34 ceramic balls and 29 silicon balls for acupressure and easy to use, enabling people to use it on their own.

Further, the sound of creeks, birds, waves and nature flow inside the massager through speakers for sound therapy and its LED lighting help to find psychological stability.

In particular, Kinatech showcased for the first time at the exhibition, a new concept massager that can give acupressure massage on not only the scalp, but the neck, while lying down.

Users can adjust the distance to the massage balls according to the size and shape of their heads, optimizing the effect of scalp massage. Because one can get a massage while lying down, buyers from Japan and Southeast Asia sensitive to weight, are showing great interest in the product.

(Picture: inside of the Head Time)

(Picture: a new concept massager that enables getting a massage on the scalp as well as neck while lying down)

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by Sophia Kwag (

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