Foreign buyers exclaiming in droves "Wonderful!" at Enfren LED lightings
[ Joshua 2010-04-22 ]  

HONG KONG, China (AVING Special Report on 'Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010') -- <Visual News> Enfren (representative Kim Seok-jin,, a company specializing in the production of LED stands, participated at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2010 being held from April 13 at the Hong Kong Convention Center, to disclose two new models drawing the attention of visitors and participants.

The products Enfren disclosed for the first time at the exhibition are the "LED Expansion Light (EF-200)" with LED lighting and a simple and luxurious design and an upgraded model of the LED stand "Free Style (model name: LTK-1500)" of a concept of a "star in the night sky."

Buyers all exclaimed "wonderful" when they saw for the first time at the Enfren booth the "LED Expansion Light (EF-200)," which guarantees bright view with its LED lighting, not necessitating a separate stand and which drew attention last year with its innovative design and concept of "a star in night sky,"

This product complements eyesight and prevents its decline. It uses a multi-focus aspheric lens, enabling reading for long without feeling dizzy. It is useful for the elderly who find it difficult to read books or the Bible from a declining eyesight or people working with small letters or plans.

Enfren also showcased at the exhibition the "Free Style LED Stand (LTX-1600)," which concentrates the light source on desired areas, being equipped with a specially designed head module that can move up, down, left, and right to the desired height and angle.

This product is an upgraded model of "Free Style LED Stand (LTK-1500)" launched last year that was popular for its innovative LED stand design and is distinctive for its durability complemented by installing a double flexible tube and wider spread.

Representative Kim Seok-jin of the company said, "At the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2010, an exhibition specializing in lighting, we got to confirm once again the potential of exporting Enfren products abroad with their differentiated and unique designs as well as a focus on definitely necessary functions."

(Photo caption: "LED Magnifier" equipped with LED lighting for the first time)

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