NUC Juicer seducing taste buds of foreign buyers
[ Joshua 2010-04-21 ]  

HONG KONG, China (AVING Special Report on 'Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010') -- <Visual News> NUC (Representative Kim Jong-bu, showcased at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010 held from April 13 to 16, a stainless fruit juicer, mixer, vegetable juicer, "soy mixer" with which to make soya milk and a power mixer for large quantities.

Thanks to its relentless efforts made for 30 years, NUC has showcased various well-being home electronics and decorated its booth at this exhibition as an open booth for visitors to directly taste and experience the products, grabbing their attention.

In particular, the stainless set disclosed for the first time at this exhibition of a mixer (model name: NFM-8860), fruit juicer (model name: NJ-9300), and vegetable juicer (model name: NJE-3570) has the advantage of being easy to wash without the smell of food remaining.

Equipped with a powerful motor of 600 watt, they grind in a short time grains and vegetables with a lot of fiber. The power mixer for large quantities (model name: NFM-8670) has a double safety system connected to the motor so that it only operates after the container is installed on the machine and the power button is pressed in order to protect the safety of users. It also supports various functions such as grinding, mincing, mixing and grinding ice.

The "soy mixer" with which to make at home soya milk enjoyed by Asians is one of the products gaining favorable response of the visitors. This mixer can do general mixing as well as make soya milk by adding only beans and drinking water. A filter in the machine separates the skin of beans with which one can easily make bean soups.

Representative Kim Jong-bu of the company said, "The mixers, vegetable juicer and fruit juicer made by applying know-how unique to NUC, are machines that maximize the amount of juice produced with currently 20 patents worldwide. He continued, "Most buyers who have tasted the juice said that it has a fresh taste without the staleness compared to other products."

(Photo caption: large-quantity power mixer)

(Photo caption: stainless juicer)

(Photo caption: "Soy Mixer" with which to make soya milk)

(Photo caption: stainless vegetable juicer)

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