Telemetrics to showcase its latest solutions for today's broadcast and production
[ Joshua 2010-04-16 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'NAB Show 2010') -- <Visual News> Telemetrics showcased their latest solutions for managing the complexities of today's broadcast and production environments at the 82nd annual NAB show in Las Vegas.

New additions to the company's product line include the TPM Telescoping Pedestal Mount; the 55D-CAU Coax / Fiber Camera Adapter; the new RCP Series Remote Control with EVI-D100 and EVI-HD1 interfaces for comprehensive control of integrated PTZ cameras from various manufacturers; and robotics and coax/fiber link interface for the Sony EX3 cameras. Additionally Telemetrics is displaying product enhancements to its CPS-ST-S Studio and CPS-LGS-S Legislative Software, both of which now interface with a wider number of camera brands.

New products on display at NAB 2010 include:

The Telemetrics Telescoping Camera Mount (TCM) and Telescoping Pedestal Mount (TPM) are remotely controlled, motorized camera positioning mechanisms. The TCM has a ceiling/teleglide mountable hanging configuration, adding vertical positioning to pan/tilt camera movement, while the TPM is an upright version. The mechanisms are controllable using Telemetrics control panels and computer software with position, preset and motion control capability. Length and number of stages can be customized.

The new 55D-CAU Coax/Fiber Link is an affordable camera control system with increased operating distance. The system is ideally suited for both permanently installed or mobile applications and eliminates the need for video equalizers, frame synchronizers, intercom adapters, microphone phantom power and remote power supplies. In addition to the benefits of the standard Coax Link the HD Fiber Link options offer a convenient and cost-effective means of transmitting HD/SD SDI video from the camera to the base station.

Enhancements to the Telemetrics Remote Control Panel (RCP) Series include compatibility with the Sony EVI-D100 camera, Panasonic's line of broadcast pan/tilt heads as well as the company's AWE-HE100 PTZ camera, and Canon's BU-45 PTZ camera. RCP Series units feature a user-intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a joystick for camera pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and master pedestal control. A special assignable knob is used to control the GUI CCU functions which emulate the camera manufacturer's setup panel.

New products designed for Sony cameras include the LIU-EX3 Lens Driver. It provides remote focus and zoom control for the original lens supplied with Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder, eliminating the need for a larger and more expensive HD lens. It also serves as TTL/RS-422 camera control data converter. The Lens Controller is packaged in a small rugged aluminum enclosure with self-lock mushroom-head fastener on the bottom side for easy mounting.

Additionally, Sony's BRC Series P/T/Z cameras are now supported by Telemetrics' highly renowned CPS-ST-S Studio Control Software and CPS-LGS-S Camera Legislative Control Software. These powerful software solutions are specifically tailored to provide comprehensive single operator control and functionality for broadcast studio and legislative chamber applications.

Telemetrics has also upgraded Camera Control Automation for Canon BU-45H and BU-50H Telesoft Control Systems. The software will now be offered with USB Joystick Interface, allowing for the use of simple gaming joysticks for P/T/Z, Focus and Elevation functionality. Software XY Axis Control Slider Bars will now also be available. In addition, the Telesoft and RCP will now provide control of a mix of Canon P/T/Z cameras including the NU-700, BU-45H and BU-50H. All camera control functions available for each camera type will be available. A new synchronization feature will allow multiple control panels and software systems to adjust camera CCU settings with automatic GUI indicators. Direct Serial control will also be announced to complement the existing Device Server-Ethernet control system configuration.

Telemetrics' TeleGlide Camera Trolley System has been enhanced with a high speed option that allows the unit to accelerate at 9.8 ft/sec with a max speed of 23.3 ft/sec. The unit's extremely fast operation makes it ideal for a variety of applications including live sports such as swimming and tennis. TeleGlide consists of a single or dual trolley for optimal load stabilization, and is fully servo controlled for smooth operation with location feedback for preset positioning and motion control. TeleGlide's track can also be easily cut and curved to customer specifications, and is fabricated from lightweight aluminum for easy mounting on the ceiling, wall or floor.

Telemetrics'popular PT-CP-S4 Pan/Tilt Head is now available with Ethernet connectivity for highly efficient networked operations. The unit offers side camera-mounting, a powerful DC-DC converter to power accessories over long cable runs, a newly designed cable management system, and serial data control with multi-processor architecture plus more, making it one of the most versatile and effective compact Pan/Tilt Head devices offered on the market.

In keeping with the company's integrated suite of technologies, Telemetrics has developed a new interface for Slate Series production systems from Broadcast Pix. By employing the new interface, operators of the Slate system can now control Telemetrics equipment alone or in combination with Telemetrics' Studio and Legislative Software applications.

The company has also developed a new interface to the Grass Valley Ignite HD automated production system that allows Telemetrics' full line of camera pan/tilt heads and robotics equipment to be controlled from within the timeline of the Grass Valley Ignite System.

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