Seoul Commtech shows off its EZON digital door locks at ISC West 2010
[ Grace Won 2010-03-23 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'ISC WEST 2010') -- <Visual News> Seoul Commtech is going to show off its EZON digital door locks during ISC West 2010, one of the appreciated security industry events and trade shows, held in Las Vegas from March 24 to 26.

The most noticeable feature of the EZON digital door locks developed for U.S. markets is that they were developed specifically for the locksets widely used in the U.S. so that the EZON digital door locks can easily be installed on door spots where traditional mechanical locks were located, without additional or separate installation processes.

Especially, the EZON Door lock 'SHS-7120' is equipped with the access control module from HID which is widely used in the United States.

Most previous home automation systems mainly featured security functions that allow people to check who's outside ringing the door bell through intercom screens. But Seoul Commtech's EZON home automation system has evolved into a network system based on communication network technologies, enabling the company to develop the EZON Wallpad which has become the center of home network system.

Now with the EZON home network system, users can control gas valves, household heating/cooling devices, lighting, and image recording/ playing using a single cell phone. The system also takes into account security and safety including security and anti-fire safety systems as standard features.

Also, Seoul Commtech's EZON Access Control System can control and monitor diverse readers and wireless system DDL through ACS (Access Control System) servers and ACU (Access Control Units). This is the most advanced access control systems developed with its focus on compatibility in the United States, aiming at entering into the U.S. markets.

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