[Ambiente 2019] Best-selling Leaf-shaped Pen POOLEAF, Inspired by Nature
[ Jane Lee 2019-02-10 ]  

ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO introduced its leaf-shaped pen POOLEAF, self-designed gift product inspired by nature at the Frankfurt consumer product show AMBIENTE 2019, held Feb. 8-12.

ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, a professional design company, is making a variety of daily props based on its motif from nature. Convenience, the sensibility of nature, and fun factors are the basis of the product of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO.

Suel Gi Lee, CEO of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, said "The word 'ZEUP' used in company name stands for concentrated juice," and added, "I would like to step forward to customers with sincerity like 100% strong juice extract." Around 20 products of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO have been made since 2011 until now. POOLEAF, leaf-shaped pen, and dragonfly-shaped magnet are shown in AMBIENTE 2019.

This product delivers the feel of leaf shaking when the user starts writing with it. In the front part of the pen, there is a small magnet attached to it, so it sticks to metal surface. When the pen runs out, it can be used as a decor item by placing it in the vase.

BEAULEAF is a pen with a little flower attached to it, and it has 6 colors. The body of the pen is made of silicon, a harmless material to the body, which gives smooth grip of the pen as well as the sensation of moving leaf.

NABINABI is a product designed after butterfly sitting on the petal of the flower. In the middle part of the pen, it contains a magnet which can attach a memo or can be used as an interior prop. With its variety of colors, it can also be placed here and there at home and on metal furniture.

Each part of RAINBOW allows 360-degree rotation, and it can be used as a trivet for holding a pot of delicious food. It can also be used as a colorful interior prop decorating the kitchen in various ways even in moments when it is not in use.

AMBIENTE is a global consumer show held in Frankfurt every year, leading the global consumer market with the exhibition of a wide array of products and technologies. It has been praised for its outstanding presentation of the latest trends in consumer products. In this year's show, exciting programs like shows, lectures, awards, and demos are waiting for people to enjoy, and the industries' anticipation for active business network is expected to be fulfilled.

The main categories for the exhibited products are as follow: △ Household goods (DINING: kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, household appliances, tables) △ Gifts (GIVING: children's products, crafts, paintings, sculptures, jewelry) △ Living interior products (LIVING: interior lighting, home textile, furniture, home accessories, seasonal ornaments)

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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