Meet Innovative Products Made By Korean Startups at AMBIENTE 2019 'K-Startup Pavilion'
[ Jane Lee 2019-02-07 ]  

In this year's Frankfurt consumer goods trade show AMBIENTE, the joint hall K-Startup Pavilion will be set up on Feb 8-12 for the Korean companies aiming to enter the global market.

The 10 companies that will be exhibiting at K-Startup Pavilion are as follows: △Altoran Lab △Clair △White.Cotton △MO Green △Toysvill △ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO △Madambee △Kesylang △JERAGENE KOREA △ONEUMBRELLA

MO Green

MO Green is a manufacturer specializing in LED plant cultivator made by integrating LED light source and plant cultivating technology. It holds patents in greenhouse environment control system and nutriculture technology, and the company is developing products with these technologies.

The key features of Parpot, that will be exhibited in AMBIENT 2019, are as follows. △ Reproduction of light with similar wavelength as sunlight, required for plant photosynthesis △ Water supply system with osmotic effect between soil layer and water tank △ Convenient irrigation management with 1.8 liters water tank △ Plant cultivated in all seasons △ LED light changes color to white, yellow (mood light), and plant growing light. △ Variety of plants can be planted because it uses soil cultivation method instead of hydroponic cultivation method


Toysvill breaks the fixed concept that drawing should be made on flat canvas. By using a 3D canvas Platform Toy, Toysvill built an online and offline village where anyone can create creative artwork. As a 3-dimensional canvas product, Platform Toy allows people to create their own artwork through direct touch which also enables the product to take a part as a mental health care program, education, culture, and artistic tools.

The following are the main characteristics of Platform Toy: △ Smooth texture of outer layer made of natural ingredient from oyster shell △ Safety owing to non-toxic eco-friendly material (KC certified) △ A wide variety of coloring materials including oil-color, water-color, and dry-color △ Awarded as 'Best New Products for 2017 Settlement' by HANKOOKILBO acknowledging the various use and quality of the product  


ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, a professional design company, is making a variety of daily props based on its motif from nature. Convenience, the sensibility of nature, and fun factors are the basis of the product of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO.

Suel Gi Lee, CEO of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO, said "The word 'ZEUP' used in company name stands for concentrated juice," and added, "I would like to step forward to customers with sincerity like 100% strong juice extract." Around 20 products of ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO have been made since 2011 until now. POOLEAF, leaf-shaped pen, and dragonfly-shaped magnet are shown in AMBIENTE 2019.

한편, 중소벤처기업부와 창업진흥원이 지원하는 '2019 AMBIENTE' 내 'K-Startup Pavilion'은 '창업도약패키지 지원사업' 중 성장촉진-글로벌 진출 프로그램의 일환이다. 이는 참가 기업들에게 다양한 국가의 해외 구매자(바이어)들을 만날 수 있는 기회를 마련함과 동시에 글로벌 시장 진출 기회를 제공한다.

11일(월) 오후 4시부터 7시까지는 한국 스타트업들의 제품을 자유롭게 감상하고 이야기를 나눌 수 있는 네트워크 파티가 Messe Hall 9.2, Stand # is H36에서 진행될 예정이다. K-Startup Pavilion 운영을 맡은 인천경제산업정보테크노파크 측은 "수출 상담이 실제 계약으로까지 이어질 수 있도록 현장에서 밀착 지원할 계획이다"며 "'다양한 판매채널 확보', '글로벌 진출' 등 다방면에서 도울 것이다"고 전했다.

11일 진행되는 바이어, 투자자, 미디어 초청 파티의 사전 등록 링크는 다음과 같다.

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