[CES 2019] Daegu TP Runs Special Hall for 14 Sports Convergence Tech Companies
[ Dooyoung Shin 2019-01-13 ]  

Daegu Technopark (Daegu TP) Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center participated in CES 2019 (The International Consumer Electronics Show), the world's largest IT and technology show held for four days, from January 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri) and set up company promotion hall for 14 companies related to sports convergence technology.

Daegu TP Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center was founded in May 2015 with the support from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the city of Daegu with the objective to build the base for sports convergence industry in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area. It has set up a promotion hall in Sports & Fitness Tech Zone with the objective to enter the North American market and has been participating for three years now.

This year in sports convergence promotion hall, export consultations with the buyers from the US and all over the world were held, on top of exhibiting and demonstrating the technologies and products. Companies that possessed the technology in sports ICT convergence and U-Health participated in this exhibition.

The following are the products from the companies with sports ICT convergence technology: ▲Funkey's app-connected exercise equipment 'BIG9' that you can play with anywhere and help prevent child obesity and all kinds of diseases, ▲InThe Hands's smart posture correcting device 'TrainingMate' for safe and effective muscle training, ▲Enercamp's high-capacity smart battery and smart IoT power station that can be used anywhere, from camping to everyday life, ▲Myung Sung's camping torch with built-in Bluetooth speaker 'SMODO106' and an air fan with the honeycomb net design that's light with just six inches wide and wireless, enabling the usage in both indoor and outdoor.

Also, with the growing interest in health in the aging society, Daegu TP Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center supported the participation of companies in U-Health area. ▲ Inthetech's 'EYAS', an IT-based attention-enhancing product for preventing the loss of attention and restoring and strengthening the attention for cognitive impairment and cognitive loss groups, ▲ Huwant's 'BREATHE-ON', a healthcare product using expiration and inspiration. This product stands out by enabling correct and healthy respiration training and exercise by linking the smart device and its own app.

Following companies have been participating in CES with the objective to get substantial achievements: ▲ YH Life's foot stretching product 'Cool Fin' that can help blood circulation and 'Balae,' a toe correction device, ▲ Onesoftdigm 'ONE SMARTDIET', a portable body composition measuring device and 'Fitrus+', a handheld device with cloud-based healthcare services that can measure heart rate and temperature as well as body composition, ▲ Seyoung Information & Telecommunication's portable, two-way radio transceiver 'WiWi' is seeking substantial achievements by participating for three consecutive years. ▲ Show Indoor Sports plans to exhibit a cycle VR simulator and contents that can be enjoyed through actual physical activity. Also, with the introduction of integrated module for all types of simulator production, it drew the attention from foreign buyers.

In addition, Daegu TP Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center also provided the interactive space for experiencing and demonstrating products developed that was beyond just exhibition. ▲ Daeryu exhibited 'Curomi', a portable low-frequency treatment device that can be carried around, and provided a space for the visitors to experience the product. The following are the companies that have participated in CES for the second time: ▲ TTNG's 'HelloCaddy', an intelligent robot cart that can act as a caddy that follows the golfer around with its track-driving feature, ▲ ZEST's baseball automatic tee-up machine, currently being actively promoted to enter the global market, was reborn as a real-life baseball simulator called 'Perfection' with the convergence of game development technology and sensor technology from Quantum Games.

To help the 14 companies receive spotlights from the visitors and foreign buyers, Daegu TP Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center conducted product demos twice a day during the exhibition.

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by Dooyoung Shin (www.aving.net)

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