GAC Technology Group Brought Innovative HP Mobile Projectors The Group Designed, Manufactured, and Distributed
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On MWC Americas 2018, GAC Technology Group showcased its first four HP Mobile LED Projectors. These products target to change the present digital content landscape by connecting reality and the computerized world – beyond the flat screen. General Manager of GAC Christina Twu quoted: "GAC has long been associated with crafting cutting-edge mobile solutions positioned at the forefront of projection technology. In HP, we are very pleased to have found a partner, an iconic global brand, who also shares our philosophy in design and innovation with a purpose – that is to create technology that can empower, inspire, entertain and enrich the lives of everyone, everywhere."

Marketing Manager of GAC Shukai Hsu said: "HP's new projectors break new ground for digital experiences beyond the traditional fixed screen. We've all witnessed the evolu  tion of existing technology. Whether it is the smartphone, tablet or laptops become thinner, lighter, faster, and most importantly, become ever increasingly portable. But when it comes to projectors, we are so used to seeing those big, bulky, heavy devices seen in corporate meeting rooms or university lecture halls."

Hsu continued: "In conjunction with our lives becoming reliant on the convenience that technology provides, our projectors take on a unique revolutionary approach. That is, bringing together what was previously mutually exclusive elements, portability, and performance, and executed into stylish and refined devices seen throughout our product line. We are really proud of our efforts to craft the next-generation of smart, truly mobile projectors that allow our users to elevate their viewing and sharing experience anytime, anywhere from inside to out and everywhere in between."

Here are key features of HP Smart Mobile Projectors presented by GAC:

  • Next generation Projection Lens

All projectors have Digital Light Processing technology by Texas Instruments installed – designed to assist enhancing image brightness, contrast, and power usage. With integrated Digital Micromirror Devices, the engine brings powerful contrast ratios – making colors more vivid and crisper, blacks deeper, and whites purer.

  • Mobility

With an embedded battery completing mobile lifestyles, HP's new mobile projectors will empower portability and liberty for any circumstance and for any space

  • Customizable Display Size

All projectors will grant the satisfaction of enabling users to personalize the display size they want – from 20"(51cm) to 120" (305cm).

  • Enduring Performance

Operated by energy efficient LED light source, HP's new projectors will maintain impressive brightness and clarity. Bold and vivid colors will last up to 30,000 hours, about 8 hours of daily usage for a decade.

  • Features and Connectivity

All projectors feature a variety of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, microSD, and more. Users can connect their devices – like smartphones, computers, media player, gaming system and digital storage – to display contents painless.

GAC brought following products on MWC Americas 2018:

  • HP MP100 Mobile Projector

Described as "the go-anywhere mobile projector", MP100 is the ultra-lightweight and compact projector with a weight of 4.8oz and dimensions of 3.85in*3.85in*0.90in.

  • HP MP120 Mobile Projector

MP120 enable sending multimedia contents wirelessly from devices to the projector with an intuitive HDMI function. It weighs 9.28oz and has dimensions of 4.64in*4.76in*0.96in.

  • HP IP400 Intelligent Projector

IP400 consists of a Windows tablet, a projector, and a power bank the user can stack together or utilize separately. You can expand the tablet's storage with microSD card or USB devices. Tablet weighs 5.6oz and has dimensions of 4.92in*3.74in*0.59in. The projector weighs 11.2oz and has dimensions of 4.92in*3.74in*1.30in. Power Bank weighs 14.24oz and has dimensions of 4.92in*3.74in*0.98in.

HP OP800 Omni Projector

OP800 has Ultra HD visual projection capability, intuitive touchscreen interface, professional acoustics, and decent performance. It weighs 4.60lb and has dimensions of 5.90in*5.90in*8.54in.

GAC and HP carried out a trademark license in accord to cultivate and market solutions for mobile projectors in the global market. The cooperation blended the designs of GAC and the brand of HP together for developing innovative products. According to Research and Markets, the mobile LED projector market is expected to thrive at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.52% from 2018 to achieve a $3.44 Billion by 2022.

As an official supporting media partner of MWC Americas, AVING News will send the special reporting team – especially focusing on Korean Start-ups.

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