Promising Korean ICT Companies to seek Global Expansion by participating in 'MWC America 2018' with the Support of the Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA)
[ Jinho Mah 2018-09-10 ]  

With the support of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA), 6 promising ICT companies in Korea are going to participate in '2018 Mobile World Congress America' that will be held in LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, U.S. from Wednesday, Sept. 12 to Friday, Sept. 12.

MWC is regarded as one of the top 3 global tech exhibitions along with CES and IFA focusing on 'mobile', as an exhibition organized by global telecommunication service providers, smartphone manufacturers and the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communication Association), an association of mobile equipment. As an opportunity to learn details about the present and future mobile trends, MWC is participated by many telecommunication service providers throughout the world and promising companies in Korea.

If MWC Barcelona is an exhibition to predict the trends of the first half-year, MWC America is an exhibition to analyze the trends of the second half-year and the next year. The 6 Korean companies participating in '2018 Mobile World Congress America' with the support of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA) are expected to conduct market research and read various trends. The 6 firms are: Next Innovation, The-S, IWAZ, Air Sound, ADMI, and Inpos.

Next Innovation
Next Innovation will be presenting 'SENSEE', a platform that converts and provides alternative contents (braille) for the visually impaired. NEXT Innovation is a social enterprise established in 2015 to solve the information access problem of the visually impaired. It has opened the U.S. branch and is now building a braille production solution in Latin America as an international aid partner of KOICA. SENSEE includes SENSEE Converter (braille converter), a free software that easily converts various documents owned by visually impaired individuals into texts and braille, and SENSEE Viewer that can check converted alternative contents. SENSEE Editor and SENSEE Cloud, which are enterprise systems that can professionally produce and manage braille books and alternative contents, are commercial solutions serviced to publishers, institutions supporting visually impaired people, and governments.

The-S is going to introduce 'VUECAM', a smart action cam with a video solution service. It was established in December 2013 as a developer and producer of optical devices. It has developed camera solutions and viewer services Apps such as a drone camera, action cam, black box solution, android camera, etc. The-S has recently been servicing a real-time video solution by launching a smart cam brand called 'VUECAM', while running a 3D contents service business such as 3D printing, modeling, and scanning. The characteristics of The-S' 'VUECAM' are as follows: 1) Has Android 6.0 O/S and can be downloaded from Google Store App; 2) Provides an FHD real-time APP viewer video; 3) Installed a ¼ caliber that enables various mount accessories; and 4) Installed a touch LCD screen.

IWAZ is going to introduce a big data-based intelligent system. IWAZ is a company that owns search engine, text miner, and big data solutions based on information search technology. It also researches and develops technologies and products such as web collection robot, document filter, morpheme analyzer, big data platform, text mining, AI, etc. IWAZ mainly targets companies or institutions that need big data and text mining for its software platforms, as it can cooperate with companies that seek to enter the Korean market and supply technologies and products to local companies abroad.

Air Sound
Air Sound will be presenting 'MYPINPLUS', a wireless microphone system for video recording devices. Based on the sound collecting technology which can eliminate noises, minimize audio delay time, and effectively collect high-quality sound, Air Sound has succeeded in a research of lecture and video filming system using a Bluetooth smart device. 'MYPINPUS', which usually targets all users who records videos often, especially YouTubers, single-person media broadcasters, and lecturers, was designed to be connected easily to video recording devices such as smartphone, digital camera, and camcorder. It also boasts 33g of light weight, a thin design, and a battery that can last for 12 hours, providing the optimized solution to users with an easy user guide and a function that can monitor a user's voice in real-time while being recorded.

ADMI is to present motion simulators of various functions. The company is focusing on developing motion simulators such as MDOF simulator 'REALWAV' for realistic and vivid contents experience, 'REALHEAL' that can manage physical strength and health, and 'REALEDU' to arouse children's interest in contents and for their effective education and training. Motion simulator 'REALWAVE' that ADMI will be introducing in 2018 MWC America can play various simulation games such as adventure, flight, racing, etc. as well as bicycle racing and horseback riding contents that have combined exercise and games.

Inpos is going to present "Don't-Stop Digital Signage Platform". As an IT and cloud solution company providing an online bidding management information service, Inpos was designated as a high-tech company by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and received patent and technology certifications on a bidding system. It provides a new analysis technology through the know-how of online bidding information management. The 'Don't-Stop Digital Signage Platform' Inpos plans to introduce in 2018 MWC America offers a web-based advertisement editor system. Non-experts can also easily produce and modify contents and play them on display. After receiving data from web and apps, a controller (PSC-box) developed by Inpos plays advertisements on a beam projector according to a schedule.

Meanwhile, the Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA) was established to help strengthen and develop the competitiveness of regional industries by supporting and nurturing the information communications and cultural industry in Daejeon, such as software (SW), information technology (IT), and cultural contents (CT). It is providing various programs to excellent ICT companies of Daejeon for their successful expansion into the global market, such as by supporting their participation in overseas exhibitions.

Global news network Aving News, which has reported the most number of issues of top 3 global tech exhibitions including CES, MWC, and IFA over the last 11 years, is going to send a special reporter group, report main issues of the world market, and introduce key Korean companies abroad as a media partner of 2018 MWC America this year. Aving News is currently a media partner of the U.S., Spain, and China in the 2018 MWC (Mobile World Congress), the largest mobile exhibition in the world.

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