Application Management Platform 'APPLY KOK' Administrator Platform Upgrade
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-06-20 ]  

Lodev Inc. (CEO Kang, Yoo-hee), who was focused with innovative application solution, told that he have upgraded the administrator system of 'APPLY KOK.'

'APPLYKOK' is a new concept application platform applied with Lodev's independent skill 'QR 2.0', and this system allows students to apply for events or classes in just nine seconds without having to sign up for membership. The previous normal application methods required cumbersome procedures such as ID, password registration, member joining, identity authentication, APP installation, but the 'QR 2.0' technology applied to 'APPLYKOK' can be immediately applied with only the QR scan without cumbersome procedure.
Like this, 'APPLYKOK' provides convenience of application method to the applier. In addition, the administrator is required to manage the application details through an integrated management system, thereby providing fast application closure and high operational efficiency. However, for the existing 'APPLYKOK', it was inconvenient because all applications, including events and courses, were managed in one version. Customers (managers) have developed needs to distinguish functions that are specialized between events that have a short character and classes that require regular application management.

The administrator may increase the work efficiency effectively as the corresponding contents can be managed at one in the 'APPLYKOK' integrated system. The integrated management system not only controls the details of applications, but also provides CRM messages necessary for notification and public relations by conducting surveys such as attendance management and satisfaction survey of applicants.

Meanwhile, 'APPLYKOK' can be applied to all fields that receive application or registration. If you are eligible for events such as performances, exhibitions, presentations, festivals, and so on, you will receive applications for the grand meeting, lectures, and contests, you may operate more easily and conveniently with 'APPLYKOK'.

Marketing planning team staff Jay Lee of Lodev said, "The 'APPLYKOK portal site', which provides information on various events at a glance" and added, "I wish more appliers and administrator to use it more easily and conveniently through this". Furthermore, for the future plan, "We plan to do active marketing activity to make world's all user's to use the 'application' more conveniently.

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