Yein Trading & Global, "Easily enjoy the taste of aloe~"
[ Joshua 2009-10-22 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Yein Trading & Global Inc.( will showcase mixed drinks, including aloe juice, and participate in the Trade Promotion Mission for China dispatched by the Gangnam District Office from October 26 to 31.

(Photo caption: Managing Director Kim Yeong-ju of Yein Trading & Global Inc.)

Yein Trading & Global Inc., established in May 2008, is a company that exports aloe juice and other mixed drink flavors to the West coast of the United States. In the United States, it supplies its products mostly through exclusive sale by supermarkets that supply vegetables to Mexicans.

The product that Yein Trading & Global Inc. is showcasing at the mission to China is a drink made of Aloe Vera.

Mr. Kim said, "Aloe was used a lot early on in cosmetics and supplementary health food because of the various beneficial effects and elements intrinsic to it. But because it is rather expensive, the public did not get to acquire it easily." To enable the public to easily consume aloe and benefit from its effects in the form of drinks, he produced the Aloe Vera drink. He explained that various flavors can be enjoyed as it comes with mango, blueberry, coconut and pineapple added.

On the other hand, Yein Trading & Global Inc. is preparing to sell its products in Korea and to acquire the U.S. Organic Certificate. Other than aloe, it is also preparing to export products related to green tea, low salinity salt, and red ginseng of Korea to the global market.

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